Less-than-Turkish Delight

As a basic rule of life, I am, and always have been, opposed to censorship of any kind. I first encountered censorship within my own family, when I was forbidden to buy or read Reynold’s News, strangely enough a Labour-supporting newspaper; on the grounds that it was printing news stories about ‘’call-girls’; and I, at the time a twelve-year-old schoolboy, simply wished to know what that was all about. My parents, being thoroughly enmeshed in the Catholic mythology at the time, believed that knowledge of all such news was simply bad, and thus unfortunately stirred my curiosity and made me ever more determined to read and learn of that which was denied me. I write on anything and everything, and as an author, I would never in a million years write something which I did not believe in.

Dictatorships, brutal; such as Russia or on-the-way-to-being-brutal, such as Turkey, dislike the very idea of a free press; because they dislike the idea that the oppressed people might learn that there might be a better or ‘free-er’ way of doing things, and might just opt for change; peacefully or violently. Now at present, if you read anything at all of current affairs, Turkey is deeply enmeshed in the killing-zones of Syria, buying just about all the oil produced by ISIL, and supporting, albeit surreptitiously, the fanaticism within that same Islamic State. They are also pounding the PKK Kurds in Northern Iraq, and are none too happy about the Kurds who are pre-eminent in strategic areas of Syria. They had a truce with the PKK, but happily abandoned it when it suited Erdogan, he of the alleged ‘muslim ideals’ and a weather eye towards altering the Nation’s Constitution, a favourite operation of those with messianic tendencies.

So ZAMAN; the one Turkish newspaper which wrote exposing Erdogan’s tendency towards ‘absolute rule’, as well as writing of huge corruption within the governing elite, has been taken over by court-appointed editors, and the World’s Free Press is diminished again. This Turkish Government is the same bunch of liars and criminals whom the EU states is trustworthy, wants to give them the keys to the European Union’s back door, and also trusts them to keep their ‘word’ on the ‘bogus asylum seeker/ bogus refugees/ economic migrant floods which are just waiting at the gate!

Trust Erdogan and his musselmen henchmen? You have got to be joking!

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