It really is a nice surprise.

From the first mentions of Barack Hussein Obama as a possible future President of the United States until this very morning, I wondered how on this good earth were the American voters fooled into believing that this man, selected and elected possibly and probably only because he was Black, had Presidential timbre in his make-up. From his wilder promises, such as ‘closing Gitmo’ and even weirder signs of fealty to the leader of his religion, by  kissing the old Saudi King’s ring (no pun intended), he seemed to be giving all the right signals to all the causes. Seven-odd years later, seeing the retreat from America’s true friends and allies, such as Israel; with the signing of the truly lunatic nuclear deal with Iran; his alliance with the bitch Clinton, she of the hazy memories of shellfire in Bosnia, and the equally hazy memories of the American dead of Benghazi; of his weird choices of friends in high places, such as the shifty-eyed ex-Attorney General Eric Holder, he of the Fast-and-Furious guns-to-Mexico-without-tracking-devices saga, and of the ‘We’ll all hold hands for poor little (and thankfully dead) Michael Brown’: we should have been able to state that the ‘community advisor’ has not learned a single thing.

And then the President demonstrates that he has learned a thing or two, that he does read more than the newspapers which laud his every move; and also that it does pay to do ‘The right thing’, and stops the grinning murderous Irish terrorist godfather Gerry Adams from crossing the threshold of his own home! Well done Barack; never thought that you had it in you!
Again, many congratulations on a message well sent, and no doubt equally well-received!

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