Taxing times.

An interesting document popped into my e-mail ‘spam’ collection this morning. I say ‘interesting’ because it purported to be from HMRC, the tax and customs people from our friendly Government. The e-mail advised me that I still had not responded to prior reminders that I was owed a refund of cash, as I had overpaid my tax; and warned me that time was running out before the refund disappeared forever.

Now I imagine that many readers will understand, having received lots of ‘scam’ messages themselves, that to receive any message purporting, nay encouraging a taxpayer to get a refund would be viewed with an understandable cynicism; but I am sure readers will readily understand the trigger phrase which determined that this message was just a ruse to get me to respond.

The final sentence said:-

Please submit a tax request and allow us 5-7 days in order to process it.

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