Let’s have a little discrimination!

We read of the outpourings of solidarity with the bereaved and injured.

We read, once more, of the many politicians who declare that ‘this tragedy / massacre / murder / bombing’ in Paris, or Brussels, or even in London (delete the unnecessary terms) will not separate us.

We remember those truly ludicrous Twatter campaigns featuring such stupid and meaningless slogans such as ‘We are All Charlie’, (or Charlies) or ‘BringbackourGirls’; or any of the many other touchy-feely ideals which say a great deal and do little else.

End result of all those ‘sadness and solidarity’ marches and press campaigns? Absolutely Sweet F*** All!

Where are the calls to root out the Sunni Muslims who plot and plan these murderous campaigns?

Where are the petitions to deport, immediately, every Saudi-funded f***ing imam now seated resplendently within their seething hotbeds of sedition, also known as mosques?

Where are the politicians who are actually brave enough to either detain and deport, or permanently imprison the murderous plotters who preach and plan against the peaceful people of Great Britain, never mind the rest of the bloody Europe Union?

Where are those who will stand up and state, categorically, that a mistake was made, and too many Muslims were let through the so-called border, and even given British passports? They would get my vote, and they would also get a great many more, if they promised to leach out the Fifth Column, disperse and deport the Salafists / Sunni / Wahabbi scum who; whilst being supported by the vicious Saudi State; spread their vile philosophy to the ill-educated unemployables who are the beneficiaries of our Welfare State.

Where is the politician who would spot the gaping Security hole in our Transport System, when we scrutinise everybody at an airport terminal, instead of ‘profiling’ would-be passengers on the basis of their ethnic origin, and stop X-raying and searching 75-year-old White-skinned British bearded pensioner’s shoes because ‘we must not discriminate’? And, as an afterthought, ban the employment of bloody raghead muslims who are supposed to ‘ensure our safety’ by searching both our baggage and ourselves!

The resultant silence in reply means there is no-one who will respond to the call!

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