Indeed, what’s not to like?

Seems as though our oh-so-clever Conservative Government has, is, and will continue to shoot itself in both feet over Tata Steel. One Minister says ‘Nothing, inclusive of Nationalisation, is off the table’. Her boss, Sajid David, the Secretary of State, says ’No ways taxpayers cash will be spent on Tata Steel; European Union rules forbid it’.

But then we learn that British intransigence has stymied EU measures to hit Chinese steel imports with high tariffs because Britain doesn’t want to upset China: along of course with Chinese money! We also know that, whilst Germany, France and Italy protect their domestic steel industries, Britain does not, mainly because we slavishly obey EU rules; and the others do not. Also to be considered are the facts that we are paying 50% more than France for our power; 25% more than Germany: all because of our ‘Green Taxes’ and obeisance to EU rules, as well as the Tory tax grab on the ‘Carbon-heavy’ coal power generators which are being phased out as I write.

So, we will probably end up with no steel industry, 65,000 more on the workless lists, a shortage of power generators; and more indebted to China than before. Because the rabble who run the Leave Campaigns are still arguing about who gets the cash, as well as the glory, the Remain bunch will probably win by default, mainly again because the Labour supporters follow their so-called leaders like dumb sheep, and the younger Tory-leaning voters don’t remember what it is like to be able to make your own laws, protect your own borders, and trade with anyone they choose to.
What’s not to like?

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