Imagine that?

So, I ask you to imagine that you are a well-built, athletic, strong man with extremely good reflexes, a taut-wire temper, and you are in a bar or a club; enjoying yourself, possibly with more than one drink too many. Another club patron upsets you; maybe he spills his drink over your suit; maybe he propositions your girlfriend: whatever! The spark ignites your razor-sharp temper; and you proceed to use your fists to batter him into a bloody insensibility. He is lying, unconscious, his face swollen up, his eyes hidden behind huge swellings and bruising on his forehead. Friends, both yours and of your opponent, attempt to stop your frenzied attack; but as the ambulance arrives to collect the bloody remains off the floor, the police arrive, and after a short confrontation, they arrest you, check you in at the Police Station, and after due process and a consult with the Police doctor and your solicitor; you are given Police Bail. Your opponent, once in hospital, is placed in a medically-induced coma; so as to give his brain a time to heal, to allow the swellings time to lose their effect, to allow the medical people time to wave their sometimes magic wands. Your badly injured opponent survives, but will be in hospital for weeks. You are called to surrender to Police bail, and are arrested and charged with Grievous Bodily Harm, and as a second charge; Affray in a Public Venue. Your trial concludes with your conviction, and you are sentenced to six years in prison.

So, I now ask; what is the difference between a drunken brawl in a club, with the outcome as already stated: to approximately the same fight which took place recently, with the only differences being that the damaging blows were struck in a so-called boxing ring, enclosed by ropes, with the fighters wearing regulation gloves, referee in the ‘ring’ alongside the two men, medical advice just yards away, the brawling strictly limited to three minutes, with a minute given to allow rest and medical intervention for wounds or bruising; and a huge baying crowd of so-called ‘supporters’ howling for blood?

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