Its not only the Panama Canal that leaks.

Amidst all the fuss, fury, indignation and simulated outrage following the disclosure, over a year ago, of 11-odd million documents from a Panamanian Lawyer’s digitised files; and references to Iceland (the Nation, not the frozen food store); ‘Our own Sleazy Dave’s’ dead father and his uncounted millions supposedly stashed in Jersey; numerous uncles, aunts and cousins of Communist China’s rulers, all of whom are supposed to have been incorruptible; along with all the other sleazy thieving clowns: one item, and one item alone remains unmentioned.

How many other Panamanian Law Firms have gotten’ rich with the pickings of the world’s sleazy elite, as those with the cash trash their own nation’s laws on taxation?

Is there a single ‘Sleb’, politician, or member of the ‘Rich List’ who doesn’t feature in a tax-exile’s paradise bankers account list?


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