“Pecunia non olet” or “Money does not smell”

Lad from tough part of town makes good. It is a good headline, but the real story is somewhat disguised behind a fuzzy layer of pious bullshit and garbage disguised as filler material; but not too many people are either knowledgeable or alert enough to query the headline, the photograph, or that slightly grubby story behind the photo.

The Royal Military Academy, or to use its colloquial name, Sandhurst; is the training ground for British Military Officers, as well as candidates from many other Nations. One of the more imposing buildings which form the Academy is the Mons Hall. The name commemorates the First World War Battle, a battle which cost the lives of some 1,600 British soldiers, a battle which was fought against an enemy with a numeric advantage of over three-to-one, a battle where the Germans discovered the true mettle of highly-trained British riflemen, who shot their enemy dead at ranges of up to 1,000 yards. But we were too few, the French retreated too soon, exposing the flank on our Right, and the British Regiments had to retreat in order to prevent a wholesale slaughter if the Germans had succeeded in that flanking manoeuvre. Compared to the wholesale slaughter of the Somme, of the whole idea of advancing across a barbed-wire-strewn ‘killing-ground’ swept by machine-gun bullets, the Battle of Mons was a small scale affair, fought against an over confident enemy; but it was a small victory, and well worth commemorating in the name of part of the place where so many British officers had trained before being sent to the ‘slaughterhouse’ which was the Western Front.

But the Academy has fallen on hard times, cash is in short supply, especially from a Tory Government which prefers to give £12.7 Billions in so-called Development Aid to a bunch of larcenous dictators, quangos and middle-men, instead of funding worthy Defence Force projects within the UK. So the Royal Military Academy approached the blood-soaked rulers of Bahrein, that sandy stretch of the Gulf which holds a veritable ditch-full of OIL, and begged for the leavings from the table. So King Hamid, the tyrant who brought in the Saudi heavy mob to help crush the protesters who, stupidly and boringly thought that they might have a say in how their mis-managed Nation was run, dipped into the petty cash, which is what £3 million is to these goat herders who sit on a veritable sea of oil, and all he wanted in return was his name on the Front Porch. Oh, and the chance to hand over the Sword of Honour at the final Parade day!


So much for our nation’s history and sacrifice!


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