The weighty debate

My mate’s wife was fat. She knew she was fat, but, as most of us all do, just didn’t do anything which might change her girth and her health. Bad diet, lack of exercise, no self control when it came to the treats; the cakes, the booze, the chocolate, the cigarettes, the mega-sized bags of crisps, she fitted all the negative symptoms. She was diagnosed as being in need of a replacement knee; but was told, quite firmly; that no operation would be performed until she lost a lot of her weight; as her weight was a significant factor in the problems associated with her knee. She took the lesson to heart, and in just over a year, lost seven stone in weight; but also persuaded her equally chubby husband to diet alongside her, and my mate lost weight as well. She didn’t complain to the BMA about the delay to her operation, despite the resultant time she suffered the pain in her knee, she didn’t run to the BBC Today Programme, she didn’t cry that she should have been given ‘advice’ on weight loss techniques, and best of all, she did not believe that she should have been treated differently because she was ‘vulnerable’!

Azra Bashir thinks and stated differently; her bodily problem was gallstones; she was refused an early operation, in the Consultant’s words, because of problems with her BMI (Body Mass Index), which was probably the Consultant’s way of saying, “We cannot operate on you yet because you are too bloody fat”: as was discussed, at length, in the BBC Toady Programme at 07.30 this morning.

So, was my mate’s wife wrong for not crying out that she was being discriminated against because she was fat, or was Azra wrong for believing she should have been spoken to more sympathetically, or given ‘weight loss advice’?


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