Scousers Unite!…..or, How to win at the ‘Blame Game’

I slept late this morning, as my usual routine had been varied. I usually awaken  around 05.45, switch on the radio, listen to the Farming Programme, and then the Toady Programme, with news and comment by the BBC and its Leftist cohorts.  I still listen to the Toady slot, mainly because they cannot actually screw around with factual news; although they do try their level best to give any item the old BBC/Liberal/Socialist/Britain’s wrong again angle: but if you are even semi-alert, you can navigate your way to the truth. But this morning was different; all because of the ‘Effing Inquest’. As it had been mentioned some seventeen times in the first seventeen minutes, and my blood pressure was rising, I decided that ‘enough was enough’, switched the radio off, lay back and fell asleep again until I woke up just before 08.00 a.m. and made some tea for my wife and myself, before helping my wife get dressed.

I have written before, upon my own blogsite as well as on ATW, about the maundering thickly spread sentimentality which covers the obscene larceny which is ‘Scousedom, the very capital of all that reeks of reminders that ‘everything is someone else’s fault’. But the sheer lunacy of giving these maundering clowns an Inquest, the mind actually boggles. It was a sad day, for sport, for football, for the clubs; but the truth is singular. Those unfortunate people died because over a thousand drunken Liverpool ‘fans’ attempted to crash a gate to get into the Hillsborough ground because they did not have tickets. True, a panicked Police inspector authorised the gate to be opened because he feared for his own life, but he did not kill the 96, it was the thuggish actions of those thousand extra people which caused the deaths by asphyxiation and crushing! It wasn’t the lack of planning by the Police, it wasn’t the badly-planned access, policing and layout of the stadium, which was the cause of the deaths, although that bad planning may have been a contributor.

The whole absurd path of the Coroner’s Hillsborough Inquest, and the subsequent verdicts, including the sentence ‘The jury concluded that mistakes by South Yorkshire Police (SYP) and South Yorkshire Ambulance Service on the day had “caused or contributed” to the disaster but the fans did not.’could have been written on the second day of the farrago, thus saving all the Coroner’s time, as well as the vast amounts of cash paid to all the QCs who had settled around the honeypot of cash which had been generated immediately the Government caved and authorised the Inquest after years of pressure from ‘the grieving families’. Grief, possibly; at least for a while: but then the search for ’Justice’ began, and then ‘Accountability’; and then, finally ‘COMPENSATION’. It has always been about the Money, who gets it, how much there will be of it, and when can they spend it!
Scousers; I’ve poured better down the toilet!

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