A tale of two lunacies.

Imagine a country whose leader has delusions; both of grandeur and of longevity. Imagine that he takes unto himself the title of a ruler last held held by an emperor some 2,500 years ago. He awards himself all sorts of gaudy medals and sashes, and decides that he will bring his nation into the twentieth century, forgetting that the religious leaders, of his country; a very conservative bunch, all of whom either distrust or detest him, cordially dislike the very idea of modernisation, especially when it comes to the rights of women. The Shah, for that is whom I write about, also confiscated much of the mullahs’ land and property. Also factor in the truth that he ain’t nearly as popular as he thinks he is; and the stage is set for disaster. The Peacock Emperor believes he has a firm ally in the USA, but his despotic rule, the internal corruption and his inability to provide reforms which were acceptable to the common people led to his downfall. Jimmy Carter asked a CIA man to check out the leading clerical opponent of the Shah, and received the reply that Ayatollah Khomeini was the equivalent of a modern Jesus. Carter promptly pulled all American help away from the Shah, and Iran was catapulted into revolution, and Muslim terror and chaos ruled.

Now we learn that Saudi Arabia’s new Crown Prince is looking to sell off 5% of Aramco, the world’s biggest oil company, and invest the proceeds in a Wealth Fund; and also to begin the process of weeding Saudis off a life of doing sweet f*** all whilst getting paid top dollar for that job, and putting them all to work: at the same time as lifting some of the restrictions on women in the workplace.

How will the Saudi Royals’ religious buddies, the Wahhabi Mullahs, a stricter, more austere and narrow-minded bunch that the ‘effing Iranians ever were: react to that small bombshell?


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