Evil be to he who evil does!

I would remind readers that today is a sad memorial. A time when we should all still ourselves, and remember that, fifty years ago, a veritable lifetime for some; the verdicts were finally delivered on a pair of cold-blooded calculating murderers, a pair of depraved monsters who actually recorded the sounds of the thirteen minute ordeal of their ten year-old victim before they finally killed that young girl. That recording was only played once, but it was as though the Jury didn’t really need to sit through the rest of the trial before delivering their unanimous verdict. Myra Hindley, sentenced to two terms of life; and Ian Brady given three life terms, are the names of the two who have really defined what is meant by the word ‘Evil’. They attempted to blame each other, they even tried to lay the blame for the atrocities at the foot of Hindley’s brother-in-law; the one person who had actually witnessed the savagery of the murder of Edward Evans, their last victim; but the Law, and the Jury was not fooled.

It is only fair that the people who should be remembered today are the victims of that murderous couple; so I would simply ask that you take a few milliseconds from your daily tasks, the run-of-the-mill which is all our lives; and remember the five who cannot ask for that remembrance:-

Pauline Reade, John Kilbride, Keith Bennett, Lesley Ann Downey & Edward Evans

And also to remember this; that despite the overwhelming opinion to the contrary, MPs at Westminster voted to abolish the Death Penalty; and of course following the further diktats of the European Union, we would not be ALLOWED to return to such a well-desired and admired option which delivers the only true justice which such evil crimes demand!

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