If it bain’t broke; don’t fix it!

I am not going to walk the three hundred yards to our local Catholic School Hall, which has temporarily been closed for educational purposes; as it is being used as a place designated for the reception and safe-keeping of votes cast by members of the public, who reside within the area served by the polling station. I am not going to mark my ballot paper, or express my decision to support any of the three candidates for the office of Durham Police and Crime Commissioner for many reasons.

We must ask ourselves if this extra, and extremely expensive level of bureaucracy has achieved anything at all. I do not believe that the PCCs, all over the country, have changed, altered or manoeuvred anything at all in the fields of crime detection, public safety, crime deterrence; or even attitudes towards the Police in general. Has the abolition of the County Council’s Police Authority, democratically peopled at second-hand by members of that Council; and superseded by the PCC: done or achieved anything excepting the expenditure of a great deal of public cash?

The main reason I will be absenting myself from my democratic duties is the overwhelming truth that I have to observe the evaporation of solvent from an insoluble finely ground powder, either natural, synthetic, inorganic or organic film, of a shade which is advertised as Barley White Matt Emulsion, which has been skilfully applied to a seat designed to be used during mealtimes, at a dining table.