Death? Yes; but a lingering, agonising one for these savages!

I consider myself to be a truly lucky man, despite the problems within my own personal life. I am the Grandfather of four young souls, and when I look at the numerous pix which I hold which remind me of my luck; I can but state that, for the purposes of comparison with others, I am the wealthiest of men. To be able to watch as the youngest grandson literally laughs as his father holds him, gives HenryJPGme joy which is incomparable. My two sons have provided me with four reasons for life, and when I am sometimes weighed down by the responsibilities which stem from my own oath ‘In sickness and in health’, I am raised up once more by their smiles, their young voices, and by the very fact that the love which produced my children is immortalised in their existence.


Readers must pardon my rambling, for I am but a typical Grandad; which is why I write to ask if this garbage bag of scum masquerading as the parents of tiny Finley Thomas should be the cause for a complete reversal of Great Britain’s policies on the removal of the death sentence; despite the rulings of the EU and ECHR? Parents, married or otherwise, are supposed to protect those tiny souls who have, in reality, been lent to them by Nature until they are able to look after themselves. Tiny, trusting, defenceless Finley was betrayed by his mother and her grinning boyfriend; as his injuries sustained before his death were listed finleyas ‘traumatic separation of parts of the skull, swelling of the brain, retinal bleeding, blood stain fluid on the spine, mark on neck and shoulder and bruising to the back, rib fractures’. These injuries were explained by both as being the result of the toddler ‘Falling downstairs’!

The creeping, mewling, conscienceless bastards!