Leave the legacy of the old GREY men!

There are many areas, arguments and positions to be taken and discussed when looking at our, repeat OUR decisions regarding the EU referendum; these range from immigration, pressure on services, trade deals or none, regulations and regulators: the list goes on. But there is really only one item which should be at the top of our piles when making our minds up as to answering the question to Leave; or to Remain, and it is this:-
Do we here within the borders of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, we proud British people, choose to regain our Sovereignty, our ability to choose who sets out how we are governed, and also regain the ability to kick those politicians out who collectively displease us: or do we stay within the Federalised Super State of the European Union, with no say in how we are governed; in a Super State of unelected and unaccountable Bureaucrats: in a true minority where we never, ever win or alter anything; where we are told what to do, who to allow into our borders, and, worst of all, have to kow-tow to a bunch of arrogant Krauts who literally rule that which they so comprehensively lost in two bloody World Wars?