Beware: Zombies on the line!

My thoughts and opinions tend to vary by about 180 degrees from those espoused by the Guardian. That particular left-wing and ultra-lefty organ considers people such as I, who hold trenchant right-wing views and are disinclined to be quiet in the promotion of those views, as dangerously ‘populist’, probably fascist; and definitely worthy of a slow extinction event. But, once in a blue moon, they produce a true gem of fairly impartial reporting, such as when they print this op-ed item which discusses, in incredible detail, the ‘ins-and-outs’ and tortured birth pains of HIGH SPEED TWO, or HS2  as it is commonly known. The article sets out, in great detail, how momentous, expensive and sometimes biased political decisions are actually made, how influence is brought to bear by lobbyists with a financial axe to grind, and how, in the end, the taxpayer is left holding and funding the abortion which resulted from these decisions.

When the Guardian sets out to do a hatchet job, they do it extremely well, and I commend it to readers as a striking example of what British journalism is capable of. Now all we have to do is to persuade the Guardian to repatriate their governance and cash from Jersey, and they can rejoin the MSM without the cant of doing one thing, whilst saying another!


Another article from the Guardian which I have just read myself tells of the price paid by betting shop staff through cost-cutting measures; along with the  true scourge of FOBT’s, or Fixed-Odds Betting Terminals,which are rightly regarded as the ‘Crack cocaine’ of the betting industry. Read at your leisure, before wandering down to the ‘betting shop’ to give your hard-earned cash to the bookies!

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