Beware the Ides of June!

Reading the very tea-leaves of this Referendum roundabout, we can see the dead hand of the ‘Colleagues from Brussels’ behind every negative story, speech and opinion piece. When Cameron, Osborne or any of the other dead tree puppets warns of the latest plague or terrifying bogey-man, whether it is a fall on house prices, costlier mortgages, or no trade deals with anyone; it is becoming more like the chorus of voices soaring through the Berlaymont building like the witches of Macbeth.

But the sounds, proposals and legislative demands emanating from the Brussels mob have been suspiciously muted for some months now, as Cameron has worked out that anything contentious which emanates from the EU mouthpiece would be seized upon with ever-blacker headlines from the MSM newsies, all of which would be shouting, ‘Look at what they propose now! Let us leave this iniquitous place before they grab anything more.’ We have heard very little of the vaunted European Union Renegotiations, supposedly fought through by lickspittle Cameron, mainly because, in terms of legality, they just do not exist. They are not concreted into a Treaty, signed by all Member States, therefore they can, and very likely will, disappear into the mists floating over the Channel. Our Dave might ‘spin’ his achievements as a great leap forward, but without those 27 other signatures, the only leaping will be into thin air, with a long drop below!

But I write in particular to hope that many readers will, if they have the time and the natural curiosity; to visit the blogsite and the writings of one Mary Ellen Synon, formerly of the Daily Mail European desk. Miss Synon, being both an excellent journalist and an inquisitive soul, knows where a great many bodies are buried, as well as who put them there. Take a few minutes, and get her take on the ‘true believers’ of Brussels, and how they stitch up a referendum, a vote or anything which smacks of the dreaded term ‘democracy’, and read how the New Apparatchiks (quite similar to the old communist Apparatchiks but without all the bloodletting) make things work in their way, and to their way!

I would quote a paragraph from her latest posting, to illustrate that of which I write:-

The British people can expect the same kind of fraud if they succeed in voting to leave the EU. They will be patronised, and frightened, by government and EU insistence that they did not know what they were doing. They will be told in effect that the British voters are too dense, too uneducated about the EU, too confused, too much under the influence of what the EU denounces as ‘dangerous nationalism,’ to understand the implications of their own vote.

On this point, I rest my case!