One opinion…and One question

For a refreshing change, and admittedly none too soon, a balanced, reflective, common-sense-based Op-Ed piece within the Daily Telegraph. The man makes a great deal of sense, which, again makes a pleasant change from the ranting of oiks like Cameron and all his cohorts, from Obama upwards. In fact, if I might blow my own trumpet just for one or even two notes, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard might have even read my own posting, when searching for inspiration: but I will give him this; he writes more eloquently than I. Read the man’s opinion, and inspect his reasoning; he is worth the trouble.

The Question is, perhaps, the first evidence of at least a semblance of reasoned argument from the bunch. It was posed in a small leaflet which gives the facts, or at least the Leave side of the argument’s opinions and printed possibilities. But, at the very end of the leaflet, comes the Question which is, to my mind at least, the only question which people should be asking themselves in the full light of all that we know, or at least what we are allowed to know; about the behemoth which is the European Union. It smacks of a touch of genius, and should be given a wider audience.

Imagine the vote on the 23rd June is whether we should join the EU; with the Euro crisis, the Migration crisis, the knowledge of the undemocratic manner of the EU itself, new countries like Serbia, Kosovo and Turkey wishing to join, with the vast numbers of extra migrants that move heralds, the question to be voted upon at the Referendum is:-

In the light of the facts so far: Would you vote to join the European Union?