You can’t find a tall building when you really need one!

We are given many different theories, ideas, possibilities; as to the real motive behind the slaughter in the Pulse nightclub. The killer is said to have acted as an outrider to Islamic State, even calling the cops before his killing spree commenced to register his idea; but he is also accused by his wife of mental instability. He is said to have visited the Pulse club regularly, but why, if he was drinking there regularly, did he kill 50 and seriously injure another 49? The only person who really  knew about the motives for the semi-automatic slaughter is dead, killed by a SWAT team who blew a hole in the club’s wall, and then took him down.

But I believe the real reason is disguised behind a statement released by his father, who of course knew absolutely nothing about his son’s desire to enter heaven whilst killing unbelievers. His father said, and I quote; ‘Homosexuals will be punished by God’.  Now this guy, who supports the Afghan Taliban, has got it slightly wrong about the rulings from the religion he professes so devoutly. Sharia Law, according to various imams and other preachers, demands that homosexuals either repent, and take the way of their God, or they should be thrown from a tall building. So Omar Mateen was just following the commands of his bloody religion when he pulled the trigger of his AR-15, and maybe was doing so because he couldn’t find a tall building with a roof as crowded as a night club, and hey, Allah would forgive him for the short cut!