Paki scum, level with the con-men of Westminster!

With their hypocrisy emblazoned on their shoulders, and with the comments such as ‘She was taken from us in an act of hatred, in a vile act that killed her, it was an attack on democracy. made without any true knowledge of the killer’s motives, or mental state, or indeed genuine political affiliations, if any; the two most senior politicians in Britain assume that the killer was motivated by hate for an MP because she was a firm supporter of the ‘Remain’ campaign. How could either of these two con-men know anything about the killer, his life and his motive for this killing? He is probably the most carefully-tended captive in the whole of the Justice system, and with the attentions of medical people, both physical and psychiatric ongoing, with his ‘rights’ ever-so-carefully preserved, as they automatically should be according to the PACE; nothing can be determined until he is brought to trial. The police have charged him, because they have to; in order to further detain him; but until they determine if he is actually fit, mentally and physically, to stand trial, nothing further will be known about this man; so all else which is printed, rumoured, alleged, hinted at: all else is pure speculation, and there should be an end of it!

Returning, as we should, to normal politics and not-so-ordinary news, I note that more of the Muslim scum sub-humans have been discovered once more at their favourite pastime, which is the multiple rape and sexual abuse of young WHITE British girls, but am astonished to learn that these criminals are facing jail terms for crimes committed between 2009 and 2011. Which fact means that this bunch of Paki scum have been free to roam the streets of towns in Yorkshire for a further four-odd years before they were finally arrested. 

What is however worse is the simple truth that, without the bravery of two girls upon whom this abuse was perpetrated, these scum would not have been charged; and the further fact remains that there must be hundreds of these rabid gangs of Muslim rapists operating with impunity throughout England, covered by the layers of ‘politically-correct’ policing which pervades our Nation.

When will we learn to accept that Islam, the Muslim religion, is not the ‘religion of peace’ as so widely trumpeted, but a religion which demands of its followers that they deal with unbelievers with a sword; and that female Infidel unbelievers are only useful as victims of rape, because they simply do not count, and because they are unbelievers!