They just got fed up of being bloody patronised!

I would begin by copying a comment which I posted on the Conservative Woman blogsite:-

I feel I must extend a heartfelt apology to the Labour voters of the North-East and other areas of Wales and England. I have often accused them of behaving and voting like a large herd of sheep, placidly either grazing or voting as the Labour masters directed. But I read this morning that the herd has revolted, gone against the dictates of everyone from Corbyn downwards; and voted in massive numbers to leave the accursed European Union.

How nice it to awake this morning to the news that we will be, in due and deliberate time, once more an Independent Nation. And even nicer to hear that we shall not be encumbered with the lies and plans of ‘Our Dave’ himself once he realised that the game was up!

I was about to play Beethoven’s Ninth on my music system,but view of that superb piece of music’s association with the EU, decided instead to opt for Judex, from Mors et Vitae. Justice sometimes must be celebrated!

I listened to the BBC Today programme this morning, the broadcast journalist was stationed in Sheffield, bleating with amazement that this staunchly Labour city had plumped, with 16 million more; had actually voted to leave the EU. And that was the theme of her whole broadcast. All the experts had virtually dictated the terrors, the horror which would befall anyone who doubted the ‘received truth’: all the world leaders had, with just one exception, opined that to ‘stay in’ was the sensible Eddie Izzard makes a plea to young people to vote to stay in Europe.He is taking his 'Stand up for Europe' campaign to 31 cities in 31 days.He urged young people to have their say just 3 days before the deadline to register. London 4 June 2016. (Mark Thomas/REX/Shutterstock/CP)

option: even such individuals of immense sagacity such as Eddie Izzard had solemnly warned the voters that to leave would be just ‘so terrible’: and still they voted to Leave. The Sheffield piece ended with two segments, the first recorded in a pub, with the unmistakable flat accents of Yorkshire stating that they had voted to leave because they were fed up of being lied to; being preached at; of being told that they were literally too bloody thick to understand how difficult it all was. The second segment came from a H.O.M.O., otherwise know in the trade as a House of Multiple Occupancy, and all interviewed were female university students or graduates, all Labour supporters; and with no exception all spoke of their horror, their absolute dismay, at a decision being taken by the ‘plebs’, the ‘lumpen proletariat’, the mob; which disagreed 180 degrees from their own.

A Labour politician put his finger right on the pulse when he said, “A huge turnout from council estates has happened, people who have never, ever, voted before; have turned out, and walked, shuffled, strolled and sauntered along to the Polling Stations: and made their own bit of history!”


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