Arise, Mr. Philips.

As the umpteenth derogatory comment is printed on the business acumen (or not) as well as the moral stance (or not) of both Sir Philip Green and his Lady wife, allied to the collapse of the BHS stores into bankruptcy and liquidation, I am rather puzzled.

The Select Committee who questioned both the senior executives of the old BHS bunch, the failed bankrupt who bought the BHS business for £1.00, and Sir Philip himself, delivered a ‘coruscating report’ on the various failings of the former owner, the senior bankers and advisors who ‘rubber-stamped’ the sale; but didn’t seem able to point towards any actual actions available to the Liquidators and the Pension Regulators.

Has Sir Philip actually done anything illegal? Nope. Questionable? Certainly: but anything which he can be brought before a Court, held up by his ankles and had the loot shaken out of his roomy pockets? Nope. Everything done by Sir Philip, along with his wife, will be seen to be: you can bet the kitchen sink, as being rigorously according to Company Law.

So why are the MPs so annoyed with the Greens, who are pictured smiling as they lounge on their outrageously-expensive floating gin-palaces? Is it because they know that this pair of slickers have got away with the loot: managed to carefully, and of course completely legally, to avoid pushing just over half-a-billion quid into the tattered BHS pension fund?

Why don’t the MPs, along with all their fancy advisors and hangers-on, announce that a root-and-branch reform of all these business and pension-funding loopholes will take place, with an equally firm promise that reform of all these practices will be announced within a reformed Business Bill, which will be fast-tracked through both Houses. Somehow to take away the Knighthood seems a little bit petty, as it won’t get any cash back, and the Greens will just have to print new stationery, which is a bit inconvenient; but when you have £3.5 billion, I suppose you can afford it!

Rudder to Starboard: No, to Port: No, Starboard……Dammit!

The Panama Canal will be turned over to the government of Pa

PANAMA – SEPTEMBER 17: The Panama Canal will be turned over to the government of Panama at the end of this year. A mule, an electric locomotive used to pull ships through the canal, makes its way down the Miraflores lock to await its next burden. Six of the locamotives pull each ship through. (Photo by Harry Hamburg/NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images)

When the Panama Canal was first opened, the only way that the ships passed through the lock system at both ends of the Canal was to be pulled by powerful electric locomotives; which kept the ships centred within the locks as they traversed, and the ship’s engines were, in fact, shut down during the lock passage. Only when in the Canal proper were the ships allowed to use their own engine power, but the electric ‘mules’ dominated the passage through both main sets of locks. From the earliest management of the Canal, the men who drove the ‘Mules’ have always won in every labour confrontation with the management, mainly because the drivers Union is the strongest in Panama.

So when the new locks were being designed, the Canal management decided that they would give the work to the tugboat skippers, along with ‘judicious use’ of the ships’ propulsion screws, and let the ‘Mule’ drivers rant and rave at the sheer ‘unfairness’ of it all. The Canal guys stated that the tugs could do the job, and the Mules would not be needed.


Somehow, I reckon that the Canal company is going to have to eat its words, as the tugs are just not cutting the mustard. Picture shows damage to the side of the third ship which has collided with the lock wall, and the bloody new locks have only been opened for about a fortnight!

The only good thing to come out of this mini-problem is the fact that the concrete used to construct the lock walls is tough enough!

Scots, wha hae wi’ Wallace bled,

As my blogging mate wrote way back in the mists of time; (well, okay February 2015), the proposal was to introduce the Named Persons Act in Scotland; bringing Orwell’s ideas completely up to date.

With the Supreme Court’s ruling just delivered, the Law has been left in tatters, with such excoriating detailed opinions given within the ruling stating:-

The Court’s ruling has underlined the importance of family privacy. It has been known for some time that health and education professionals in Scotland have been sharing  personal data, with scant regard for the privacy of parents and children, in the belief that the relevant part of the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014 would be brought into force on 31 August 2016.  Now that the data sharing provisions have been found to be incompatible with the right to a private and family life, many parents will want to know whether their  family’s data has been processed unlawfully. They should make Subject Access Requests to ascertain how their data has been processed. It is possible that this will lead to further litigation.

It is now up to Nicola’s bunch in Edinburgh to decide if they wish to input new passages which comply with ‘Rights’ Legislation, or forget the whole caboodle, and pay up the damages to the parents who will be suing!

Well done to the Christian Institute, and well done to the Supreme Court!

My life, my joy, my food, my all the world!

As readers might know, I am a father, and a grandfather; so it can be assumed I know a moderate amount about the privileges and responsibilities of raising children. Gazing as I do at the ranged photos of my grandsons on the mantel, I can recall when my own kids, now obviously all adults themselves, were of a similar age as those photos represent. They were noisy, but mannered; lively, but respectful: and my wife and I ensured that they were loved, and cared for always.

When out together, either shopping or relaxing, we knew where they were at all times; they knew enough about the way that I felt that they would never, ever give us any worry as to their whereabouts, but that did not stop us from adopting the attitude which stated, even in the healthy society which was South Africa, where deviants had a very, very short life span; that no-one would cast an avaricious eye upon the treasures of our lives!

So readers might well understand when I state that I just cannot fathom the mindset which states‘Lynsey Dunn, 28, and step-father Paul Smith, 35, were believed to have lost track of Charlie as they packed up their car to head home after a day at the park’. Bullshit, in ‘effing spades! What parent ‘loses track’ of their child? What man or woman who call themselves ‘parents’ can be so far adrift from reality as to claim to ‘lose track’ of their most precious possession; the fruit, certainly, of the mother’s womb; and the accepted responsibility of the step-father?

P.S. Again with all the stuffed toys and teddy bears: and Interflora shares rocketing once again!

Don’t go near (or swim in, or drink) the Water!

I worked for quite a few years on projects associated with Sewage and Clean Water Projects. Not many people in this modern world realise that the true birth of modern cities and towns, namely the ability to live free from dread disease and plague whilst living in crowded urban conurbations was brought about by the work and investigation of a single London vicar named Dr. John Snow, allied to the genius of an Engineer named Joseph Bazalgette.

Snow deduced that a large number of cholera deaths on the immediate vicinity of the Broad Street public pump could be directly associated with the use of the water from that pump. He wondered why certain men, and their families, seemed to be immune from the dread disease, whilst living next door to those who had died from cholera. Once he deduced that all the men worked for the same company, which brewed beer; he then realised that the men and their families drank water which came from a different source; which had also been boiled. It took a huge battle to make the authorities understand that the pump had been contaminated with human sewage, but once the pump was padlocked, the cholera ceased to spread. Water treatment has come a long way from the efforts of Dr. Snow, but he was the one man who figured out where death was lurking.

Bazalgette accepted the challenge of removing and controlling the huge amounts of sewage, formerly dumped straight in the open sewers and streams which fed into the Thames; thus creating the ‘big stink’. This genius built huge sewage tunnels right along the banks of the Thames, covering them with rocks and bricks; when the new sub-sewage channels were connected to the main tunnels, and the resulting mess of toxic effluent was pumped towards the Estuary and there treated before being pumped into the Thames, the ‘stink’ subsided, Londoners could once more breathe, and Bazalgette gratefully bowed before his Sovereign as he was knighted.

From initiation, through hydraulic analysis, planning and construction, a Main Sewage Treatment works complex, suitable for a city, can take six-seven years to complete; can cost a lump of cash, but is worth the effort. I have been involved in the planning, construction and commissioning processes, and it can be complex, but: it is worth the effort!

So I do wonder why the Brazilians, despite having seven years to plan, develop and build the much-needed sewage complexes necessary to clean up the bays, the beaches and the waters, have done virtually nothing to protect the sailors, the swimmers and the tourists who will, very shortly, be engulfing the crowded facilities of Rio, the possibly plague-born Olympic City?

Mike’s Sunday News Snippets & Commentary

Sunday is, for most of we British, a day of rest, relaxation and ‘catching up’ with family, and with local and national news. We can buy our chosen Sunday newspaper, or watch the extended tv or internet-based news, and soak up what has been happening, secure in the knowledge that there aren’t too many Muslim or Iranian murderous morons lurking around the local McDonalds. So I thought that In would cast my eyes around the world of News, and see what I could dissect.

  • A ninety-two year-old lady died in the North Middlesex General Hospital in Edmonton from complications after a fall. She was told in the kindest manner possible by our wonderfully attentive and dedicated nursing staff, before she fell and injured her leg with a gash which cut to the very bone; that, as there was no-one to help her stand up and move to a toilet, she should just lie there and wet the bed. Makes your heart swell with pride at our wonderful NHS; does it not?
  • When the BBC broadcast the news about an attempted abduction of an R.A.F. serviceman, the words were, to say the least, abrupt and foreshortened. The incident was buried on the fourth story of the England section, despite being newsworthy of a front page slot; and the attackers were not even described at all: just that the ‘Police were seeking witnesses’. The police later issued the following descriptions of the two attackers:- One is described as between 20 and 30 years old, approximately 6ft (1.81m) tall, of athletic but stocky build, with long dark hair and a well-groomed beard. He was of Middle Eastern appearance with dark skin and wore dark casual clothing. The other is said to be around the same age but younger than the first suspect and of a slimmer build, 5ft 10ins (1.78m) tall, and clean shaven with short dark hair. He was also of Middle Eastern appearance and wore a white T-shirt and dark shorts. You would then immediately understand the BBC’s problem, in that ‘MIddle-Eastern appearance’ is ‘media-speak’ for Muslims, and we can’t go blaming anyone from a Muslim background as being responsible, because that might appear to state that Muslims are capable of violence, or terrorism, and that really isn’t so!
  • Seems as though even Kate Moss finds problems when seeking to develop or change a really old and decrepit barn. Seems as though our Kate forgot about the need to look after our bat population: understandable of course, seeing as though batshit reeks with bacteria, and bat urine can ‘mark’ a coat at seventy-five yards. Kate was warned that a proposal to modernise an old barn would be blocked until she proved that the old wreck no longer harboured pipistrelle bats; and that there weren’t any in the barn either!
  • The moral about not defecating on your own doorstep was brought into fine focus when the Shadow Chancellor attempted to distance himself from the bully-boy tactics of Momentum, who had threatened MP’s with de-selection after they voted against Corbyn; despite McDonnell heading the Momentum campaign.
  • So the IOC bottled it, and allowed Russia to send athletes to the Games, but gives final approval to Federations. So, the mass applications of EPO blood doping can carry on, the intake of steroids will increase, the eventual emergence of the Big Pharma Games is almost guaranteed, and the losers: the athletes, the swimmers, the cyclists and all the other exponents of the once-pure sporting activities will gaze sadly at the podiums, peopled exclusively by the new Druggies, the ones who win by any means!

How to steal a Nation

Imagine you wish to be a ‘Democratic’ Dictator, a Theocratic President; an all-powerful leader of a nation which has an overwhelming majority of people whose religion is the same as yours: but has an iron-clad Constitution demanding that that Turkish Nation is run along strictly secular lines. Your national newspapers rubbish your every attempt to make your friends ever richer, they continually attempt to expose the huge amounts raked off in Government corruption.

You plan things carefully; with secrecy as prime concern. You have a large group of malcontents who wish to secede from your Country, and form their own Independent State. You first make peace with them, and lull them with wise words and promises of autonomy, then you engineer many bombing atrocities, whilst blaming your opponents. Give your opponents every opportunity to grab the deadly headlines, by accepting that bombings, the murders, the attacks are all from the bunch, well, we’ll call them Kurds. Then you turn away from the peace talks, blame everything on the Kurds, and attack their bases even over the border.

Then you find that a nation whose borders meet yours is involved in a deadly civil war; and this war is complicated by yet another bunch, even deadlier than the Kurds, are gaining ground within your neighbour’s borders; but because the third group, whom we shall call ISIL, are of the same mindset as yourself regarding religion, you help them; you allow their foreign fighters to pass through your airports on the way to their targets and bases; you allow your son to buy their oil which comes from the fields stolen by ISIL. You state that they are your enemy, but you do virtually nothing except allow millions of refugees to transit your territory.

IT is then that you discover what bad friends they are, because ISIS now commences a terror bombing campaign against your Nation, mainly because one set of fundamentalists dislikes yet another bunch of fundamentalists. So you plan ever more carefully, and bring into the forefront an enemy who used to be a staunch friend, who is now safely in exile in America. You claim that he is funding an insurrection, and attempt to gain ever  more power for yourself, locking up journalists and anyone who has the stones to speak out against you. You are aware that he has, within Turkey, a loose confederation of similar minds, within the police, the judiciary, the lower levels of the Army; but he has never been able to organise anything which would appear even to be a threat.

Your thirst for power is well-known, but you fail, at the last election, to gain the elusive majority which would allow you to modify the Constitution: but you and your followers hatch a devious plan to gain power through the back door, as it were. You arrange for two junior Army generals to gain the idea that, if they strike during your well-publicised summer holiday, the Army will gain power and remove the stains, as they term, of the Islamic rules which you have brought into everyday Turkish life. Now the Turkish Army, a confident, well armed and mechanised force, although a tad uneasy with your ever-present Islamic pressure; really wants nothing to do with a couple of junior staff malcontents, so the back planning goes ahead with a few hundred soldiers, two platoons of tanks, and a few jets and helicopters from the Turkish Air Force. The jets bomb the Presidential Palace, which is a waste of explosives because the President is on holiday. All news stations and TV are off the air, so you, the smartest and possibly most media-savvy President to date, fire up your Facetime app, call the CNN Turkish TV station, which, being privately run, hadn’t attracted the military’s gaze, went onto the air and implored his Islamic followers onto the street, and the rest was just a matter of arresting anyone who was even believed to be in on the coup plot, including large swathes of the military, the judges, firing or suspending all the teachers, and anyone who wasn’t either bearded or not wearing a bloody hijab.

And so it goes, President Erdogan is now invulnerable, he has his ‘State of Emergency’, and he can do virtually anything he wishes. The slide of Turkey from a modern, secular, industrial State to a backward Theocratic State, run along the lines of Iran, will happen, he will unleash the million-odd refugees and head them towards the Greek beaches and borders, causing further creased brows in Berlin, where most of the scum want to go; but nothing concrete about stopping the horde will be achieved, because when 27 countries are asked to do something hard, or brutal, or necessary: they will blink, and talk, and twist in the ‘effing wind!

The only thing which we can do is congratulate ourselves that we are out of this mess, and all we have to do is erect a really good Border Defence system, using sniffer dogs and a really fast X-ray/Infra-red system for the trucks, but possibly with live ammunition on the boats. Turkey is lost; they will never join the EU, but I suppose that won’t worry them too much: after all, ‘It was Written’, and Allah will provide!


So, this guy attempted to kill you, or at least severely assault you, three times; and was convicted on all charges?

Well, yes.

He was also convicted of your false imprisonment ?

Well, yes again.

So, after this appalling treatment by a large, muscled man who has already proven that he has a hair-trigger temper, you actually wrote to him whilst he was in prison, re-kindled your relationship and after he was released, agreed to marry him?

Agreed, I realised I still loved him.

But you then decided to end your relationship, and valued your engagement ring with a view to selling it. You told this six-foot-odd body builder that you were breaking up with him; but you agreed to go for a walk along a secluded path to discuss it?

Well; yes.

He then attacked you again, got you in a choke-hold, then turned you around and strangled you. He then, believing that you were dead, disguised your body with branches and leaves; drove home in your car, drank most of a bottle of vodka, and crashed your car. When arrested by the police, your ex-fiance stated ‘You will never find her’, but appeared shocked when told that you, the woman he presumed to be dead, had already been found and had contacted the police.


Upon reflection, when you re-kindled your relationship with a man who had already assaulted you three times: were you in love; or naive; or slow; or just plain thick?


So its all ‘Hi-tech’, here we come!

When still a fairly young man, I was involved with advanced electronic equipment used by the RAF & the Royal Navy. Everything had to be spot-on when this type of gear was placed on a jet bomber or a naval jet fighter, because men’s lives were at stake, and the Servicemen involved  wanted to come back to base on an evening; so you can imagine the care which was taken when calibrating the gear. It was as good as it got, in those days of thermionic valves, resistors, small round ‘scopes; but it did the job.

But times move on, technology changes; and the gear is smaller, mostly solid-state or indeed chip-based stuff, where the coding is more important than the millions of transistors which are loaded and laced onto a single silicon chip. Which is where you get the all-purpose saying, ‘we are using ‘World-leading’ systems’.

It must have been one of those ‘world-leading sensor systems’ that the Trainee Commanders aboard HMS Ambush were using; just when they surfaced right underneath some large merchant ship,denting their nice, brand-new £1.1 Billion’s worth of Nuclear Attack Submarine. (Click the pix to get a better view of the totally crumpled Conning Tower)



Letter to The Editor

To my local newspapers, printed and published in the North-East, where Labour votes are not counted, they are weighed:-

I wish, through your columns, to express my extreme pleasure at the real possibility of Jeremy Corbyn being elected, once more, as the Labour Party Leader. As an opponent of everything the Labour Party has stood for for many years, I cannot imagine any scenario which would give this pacifist, communist, foolish rebel of some forty years standing the remotest possibility of beating the Tories, and installing Labour as the ruling Party in this United Kingdom.

He is probably a very nice man, and a lifelong protester: but ‘protest’ does not win votes; ‘protest’ does not win elections, and, most importantly; ‘protest’ does not win the hearts and minds of the Labour electorate! He is of the Hard-line Left of the Party, and experience alone tells us that their policies, their heavy-man mob mentality, their almost Trotskyite view of British Politics goes down, in the living rooms of the towns and cities, like a cup of cold vomit.

I hate to be realistic, but the only man, the only Labour Politician, who understood how to make Labour electable, and not only electable but elected; not once, not twice, but three times; was the ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair. Much as I disliked him, and his ‘spin’, his exaggerations and his duplicity: he was a master strategist, and he knew how to project a Plan.

Corbyn? He couldn’t get the support of even a third of his Parliamentary Party, so he finagles the rules, gets back on the ballot without the support all other challengers needed, and he is home in a walk, with all the starry-eyed ‘Lefties trailing along behind him. Yes, he will be the new Labour Leader, and Theresa May and her Tory Party will wipe the floor with Labour for the next fifteen years. Great stuff, as far as I am concerned, but bad for Britain; because Britain needs a strong Opposition, and Corbyn’s cavalry don’t even have any horses; and not only no horses, they don’t know how to ride!


Mike Cunningham


Scoop: You read it here first!!!

  • Secretary of State for the Home Department – Rt Hon Amber Rudd MP**


Petition:–  Reintroduce the death penalty once the UK leaves the European Union.

Once UK leaves the European Union, we do petition Her Majesty’sGovernment to repeal the Human Rights Act and withdraw from any treaties necessary to permit capital punishment to be reintroduced as a punishment against particularly abhorrent crimes such as murder and certain sexual crimes.



“Rt Hon Amber Rudd MP”,”signature_count”:1}

Are we going to see a change after Brexit?

Now there is a cause worth supporting!

I am not one for jumping on bandwagons, and hankering after lost causes, but what; I ask my readers, do they think of climbing on board, for a reasonable ‘tenner’ or so, this particular cause, and to attempt to bring the Phantom Smiler to a court, and in front of a jury of his peers?









I reckon Ten Pounds is a reasonable sum, and I would bet that many people would like to see this lying clown lose the grin; even if it is just for a moment!

a pastor’s fart in the corridors of power?

It is not often that I am able to write of good news in the political arena, but when such an opportunity presents itself, who am I to argue or demur.

An impressive video by a Zimbabwean pastor, asking why his country had failed him, was uploaded, and almost immediately went viral. His words and his statements caused the first ever 24-hour strike by just about everyone in Zimbabwe. The whole country just stopped! A blogger whose views I regularly read, posted that she proudly displayed her flag for the first time in years, for this time, Zimbabweans have seen, through the dark curtains of police brutality, of the endemic corruption in central and local government: a chink of light.

It may not last, we have all seen the way that Mugabe treats his own, never mind any kind of opposition; but, if he isn’t murdered, if Pastor Mawarire isn’t silenced in the way many others have; if his body doesn’t reappear swollen with the gases of mortality after torture and death: perhaps Zimbabwe has just a chance at a rebirth!



Not just ‘Far-Right Wing Party’-speak

The disgraceful and disgusting lapses in police and social services in Rotherham and other Northern and Southern British towns and cities have faded from the headlines, but with sporadic revivals as further trials of the sub-humans involved proceed. But the ongoing mental trauma experienced at that time by these (for the most part) schoolgirls still carries on, and we look on as they attempt to dredge their lives from the filth which they were subjected to; with absolutely no movement at all on the religious and political side of Government as to the treatment of the cancer which has been inflicted upon this country of ours. Inflicted, from what had been revealed over they years, by entirely legal processes with full support from Labour, Tory and Lib-tard Parties.

It may surprise some intellectuals, and many well-meaning voters allied to both main political parties, as well as the sopping-wet Lib-Tards, but the siren calls of warning against the Muslim rapists and despoilers of young White British girls came far earlier than the scholarly dissection supplied by Professor Alexis Jay. These warnings were from a name and a Political Party which were so outside the normal political structure that the very mention or association of the Party or its then Leader was enough to commence multiple heart attacks generated from sheer disgust. That Party was course the BNP, and its Leader was then Nick Griffin. It was Griffin who made those allegedly incendiary but perfectly true remarks, and for that he was prosecuted for ‘stirring up racial hatred’ as well as ‘using words or behaviour likely to stir up racial hatred’. Fortunately for Griffin, our Justice system still, if creakingly, works according to the Law, and Griffin, together with his co-accused, was acquitted of all charges, but later lost his position within the Party. But the truth is that it took a further eight years before those 1,400 girls’ stories and complaints were finally believed; the Muslim scum were jailed; the Council powers were removed, and Councillors removed, inclusive of at least one Councillor who was himself implicated in the abuse cycles.

The BNP itself is but a shadow of its former self, with no British or European MPs or MEPs at all, but it still publishes a website with one of the highest readerships in the political world. When you read the words as they appear on the BNP website:-

“We must reject political correctness and call things by their true names. Rather than shedding tears like [Federica] Mogherini and … organising marches that solve nothing, authorities should ensure the safety of citizens.”  and …..‘newcomers from Africa and the Middle East simply do not integrate’  as well as ‘cannot coexist with the culture and values of newcomers to the continent, and that multiculturalism is “wrong” as a concept.’

They are not the words of the BNP leader, they are the words of the Polish Interior Minister.

Interflora shares fall off cliff!

We are confidently informed that the presence of a twenty two-odd mile wide stretch of water keeps us from the horrors which traversed the Promenade des Anglais in Nice a few evenings ago. The Security Service spokesman stated that our ‘Prevent’ strategy worked, and no way would a truck and trailer mow down hundreds on the streets of our cities.

There is, however, yet another reason why the deadly truck driver would be thwarted: we must ask ourselves to remember the last time we saw anyone walking along a beach parade; or anywhere else for that matter, in the evening; seeing as it is nearly always raining, or about to rain; or indeed just finished raining.

Imagine that:rescued from a Muslim terror onslaught by the British weather, of all things!

What or whom are they showing solidarity towards?


Red, white and blue Floodlights and lighting on buildings across the world? Candles in the bloody wind? Holding hands? What on earth for? The dead as they lie scattered or shattered on the pavements and tarmac streets of Nice?


(The image of a Shanghai floodlit tower, symbol of yet another bloodthirtsy regime, is ever-so-slightly toe-curling; especially when it comes to alleged sympathy for a jihadi masscacre!) Spare me!

Instead of raiding known nests of bloody jihadis, or bringing back the guillotine for terrorist treason; they form committees, light ’effing candles, and hold bloody hands!

What should the West be doing? My views, being slightly more robust than some, include the following:-

  • Close ALL the Saudi-funded Wahabbi-led mosques, and deport immediately all the Saudi-funded imams and mullahs; along with their extensive families, broods and supporters.
  • Close down, immediately, all Madrassas and so-called Islamic schools, and either deport or restrict the so-called teachers.
  • Ban, immediately, all Sharia courts, and deport or imprison, if necessary, those who push this alternate justice system; as by allowing ‘sharia’, they push the system which encourages the diminution of women to a second class status.
  • Ban not only the burka, but any form of head covering which is worn to signify religious observance. Ban also any dress, garment or covering which signifies adherence to the Muslim religion or belief.
  • Remove, immediately, the offer or existence of translation services from any Court, local council or national Government office or website. The language of the United Kingdom is English, and the Stormont Assembly, along with the Welsh and the Scots crew should be also reminded of this fact. (and the Cornish can get stuffed as well!)
  • Polygamy is illegal, and all the jungle-bunnies should be reminded of this fact; and if any attempt to claim for two, three or more so-called wives, they should be reminded by a hefty fine and at least three years in the slammer.
  • The State Religion is Anglicanism, based upon Christianity, and nothing else. If anyone wishes to live under Islamic law, they should move to a bloody Islamic country!

Oh dear!

You heard me; we are totally independent and unbiased!

BBC report on the terrorist massacre in Nice:-

The news reader stated, “the truck driver stopped, and the police shot him WITHOUT ANY ATTEMPT TO NEGOTIATE!”

The shock; the horror of it all: and they never even tried to talk to him!

…….and she’ll never walk down Lime Street any more

Oh, Maggie, Maggie May, they have taken her away
And she’ll never walk down Lime Street any more
Oh, she robbed those lime juice sailors, and the captains of the whalers,
That dirty robbing no-good Maggie May

After the brutal defenestration of Leadsom, which came after a Times reporter managed an interview to literally place words in her mouth which did not represent her actual attitude, we have been presented with the ‘Coup’, the very ‘Coronation’ which the new Prime Minister had stated that she did not want. Fair enough, according to the Party Rules, being the only one left in the race after Andrea stepped down, or was probably pushed after one of the acolytes stamped on the fingers which were clinging to the ledge; she was the one chosen of the Party; but is she the chosen by the Party.

There are some 150,000 Tory Party members who would have liked to hear what she had to say, and would liked to compare her statements with her opponent, before making their minds up on who should lead them: and I reckon that many of those Tory members are, like me, just a teensy-weensy bit miffed at the speed with which we were presented with a ‘fait accompli!

Maggie May might have been transported to Australia, but at least she had the opportunity to speak in her defence!

Sweet indeed is the sound of true retribution!

Firstly, I would copy for readers a post from this blogsite dated just over two years ago:-

It all started with the best possible motives, which was to set in hard memory the vaunted deeds and so-called ‘sacrifices’ of the sacred volunteers of the Irish Republican Army. Other people, with a more settled view of events, would call these ‘sacred volunteers’ by another set of names and adjectives, with ‘murderous psychopaths’ being one of the more printable versions, but perhaps back to the news.

The John J. Burns Library of Rare Books and Special Collections at Boston College was to be the repository for the murderous memories of this bunch of killers, the preliminary meetings, between an American librarian, a journalist and an ex-IRA killer who had served seventeen years for the killing of a Protestant ‘volunteer’ was arranged, and this meeting was to serve as the start point for an ambitious project to record, for ‘history’, for future researchers who foraged after their version of the ‘Truth about the Troubles’. These three starry-eyed idiots, full of beer, patriotism and promises, forgot one teensy-weeny tiny detail. When they promised the killers anonymity, when they promised that no-one would see or hear the recordings until after the death of the person whose words were recorded; when they told the likes of the stone-cold killer Dolours Price that she would be remembered as a heroine of the ‘Freedom fighters’; they hadn’t put any of their ‘contracts’, their silly, stupid legally-binding promises before a trained American lawyer!

And that is why we are hearing of the arrests in Northern Ireland, of the detention of the leader of the gang of killers who snatched a widowed mother of ten from her living room, tortured her and then shot her in the back of the head before burial in an unmarked grave. He may well escape true justice, but there are many voices to be listened to, and the PSNI, in an attempt to maybe get ahead of the ridicule, have even bought new headphones!

So why, you might ask, the sounds of further rejoicing, certainly from those whose determined but totally legal opposition to the alleged ‘Peace Process’ within the sad Province and the Mainland? Well, the murderer-in-chief, the saintly-but-not-yet-canonised Gerry Adams, IRA/SinnFein gangster boss; arrested but unfortunately released will probably escape the ultimate retribution he deserves; despite being named by two of the murderous gang on the Boston Tapes: but Ivor Bell, the alleged leader of the gang which abducted and subsequently murdered a Belfast housewife has been arrested. Her crime? She gave a sip of water to a dying British soldier. For that simple act of mercy, she was dragged from the clutching hands of her terrified children, tortured, then shot in the back of the head and buried deep beneath the soil and sands of a lonely beach named Shelling Hill on County Louth’s shoreline in the Irish Republic. Ivor Bell will, after the decision by District Judge Henderson, stand trial in a Crown Court for her murder. He has denied the claims; claims based on his own words in that fatal tape recording the ‘sacrifices’ of those ‘volunteers’ who fought so valiantly for their bloody ‘Cause’.

As a footnote to the above, I would remind readers that Michael McConville, son to Jean; has always stated that he knew the names of the killers, he knew the names of those who held him hostage, beat him and threatened him if he ever revealed the names: but has always refused to testify, because he would be dead the very next day!

One ‘Trade’ which should be scrutinised.

Whilst the very idea of crusading on anything excepting politics, and how we are actually governed, is the last thing on my mind, I came across a blog post which did stir some mild resentment; If I might expand a little.

Normally, I am no great ‘animal rights expert’, my feelings and opinions amount to the hope that there should be no actual cruelty in the rearing, transportation or death of animals which have been reared to provide mankind with food, and similar hope as regards animals which are kept or looked upon as family pets. I am of the firm belief that animals are not sentient beings, despite many people tending to anthropomorphise animals, birds etc, based upon their dark eyes or on their alleged ability to detect or understand human voice commands or terms of endearment. If other people view pets or other animals as ‘almost human’; it is my belief that they delude themselves. I would just point to the large number of attacks by dogs upon either their owners, upon small children visitors, or upon other animals. These attacks happen because all dogs, large and small, are descendants of the wolf; and you cannot find a more unpredictable or dangerous animal in the wild than a wolf, bred through countless centuries to do one thing, and one thing only, which is to kill for the sake of the pack, for food; and to demonstrate that the alpha-male wolf is the leader.

But I digress, and would return to my original theme, which is that we should ensure that all transported animals, whether it be UK horses sent for use as carcasses in France, or beef cattle sent from Australia towards the Middle East; are transported decently, and with due regard for the regulations which should rule all live animal transport. As this sea-going vet states, with due regard for written English:—  Live Export is in Deep Shit. She writes of having to attain a bows-light state so all the hundreds of tons of livestock urine and shit, along with innumerable gallons of water, run down towards the ship’s stern, and also to set a starboard list to encourage the shit to flow over the starboard side of the ship at the stern; whilst on a never-ending cycle of washing, cleansing, saw-dust spreading and health checking for the whole voyage. I would end this small polemic by giving just one photograph of the conditions for the animals whilst on board, and wondering what dreadful diseases are carried off the ships and into the abbattoirs, as they discharge their hapless cargo?


and the violins all played sad music together!

I have often admired  a blogger colleague’s persistence in scrutinising and commenting upon the truly bizarre court cases which attract her attention: and it is in this spirit that I ask that you focus your mind upon the strange case of the ‘Threatening CD’.

Seems as though this woman’s husband had died, and as he had looked after the payment of the family’s  bills, and as there was a total of £292.00 owing after he had died, this woman thought that, as a gesture of ‘Goodwill’ on EDF’s side of things, they should kindly forgive the debt.

Mrs Rowland alleges EDF Energy tried to get her to pay the money back by sending her a CD featuring a recording of her dead husband’s voice as evidence she was also responsible for the bills.

The recording, EDF Energy confirmed, was from the telephone conversation Mr Rowland had to add his wife to the account. Mrs Rowland said: ‘Last month EDF sent me a CD with a recorded message of my husband’s voice from July last year. ‘The only reason why he phoned them was to put my name in our account because it only used to be in his name.

‘These people care more about making money rather than people’s emotions.’

Mrs Rowland hasn’t even listened to the recording all the way through yet because it is too upsetting.

She said: ‘Instead of mourning my husband’s death, I’m constantly thinking of EDF.

‘It’s like cutting my wound which is already open. I can’t carry on like this.’

So, despite accepting that the debt is valid, and the money is owed to EDF, as was confirmed by the Ombudsman after having reviewed the case and agreed Mrs Rowland was liable for the outstanding balance; she still reckoned that, because of the stress, the debt should be forgiven, which, after the Daily Mail intervened, it was indeed written off.

My goldfish died forty-five years ago, and I had to give a dog away to a friend before leaving South Africa; I wish that British Gas would cancel my bill, because of the long lasting stress.

They’re a Funny (peculiar) old bunch!

I worked down in Wales for about 18 months with a firm of Consultant Engineers on water and sewage projects. The lads were great company, and the work was interesting, demanding and absorbing, but try as I might, I could not ignore the statues and pictures, all totally invisible to the untutored eye, which were spattered in every office, on every level, and in just about everyone else’s mind. The statues, pictures and other objects were of course all to do with the true Welsh Religion, namely Rugby. I was of course a triple outsider, a true interloper: I was English, I didn’t speak or understand Welsh, and worst of all, I had absolutely no interest in, or understanding of; the aforementioned National Religion; or any other sport, for that matter. For the part of the Welsh men whom I sat besides and worked with on the Projects we were given, there was a sort of puzzled incredulity about my very existence, but they eventually decided I was just an eccentric Englishman who didn’t understand the Welsh, possibly because a virus had crept into my brain at the time of my birth, and blanked off the ’Rugby Loving & Understanding’ synapses which are fully developed in all Welshmen even before the time of their birth.

I was speaking with this bloke who was trying, without much success, to interest me in his bringing a range of fibre-glass enclosures onto our office car-park, so that interested parties might see and glory in the inspired engineering design (alright, maybe I’m exaggerating a little, but he was trying to get onto our ‘approved’ list of suppliers). As I said, he wasn’t getting much traction with me, so in a last gasp to grab my attention, he said; “and of course my other claim to fame is that I am brother in-law to Xxxxx Yyyyyyy (the actual name escapes me). As I honestly did not know who he was talking about, I asked “Who is Xxxxx Yyyyy?”. The entire corner of my office fell silent, with everyone actually staring at me, as though I had spoken against everything held sacred in Wales, from leeks upwards. The bloke on the other end of the phone was equally amazed. He said, ”you have got to be joking! You honestly don’t know who Xxxxx Yyyyyy is, how he has played for Wales; how he is known the length and breadth of the land you are working in?”

When I replied that, as I had no interest in any sporting activity at all, including games played with odd-shaped balls, this bloke said that, as far as he was aware, I was damn near unique amongst the people he knew or had ever spoken too. When I finished the phone call, I looked up, and everyone was staring at me as though I had just sprung fully formed out of a breach in the space-time continuum.

My best mate, a bloke called Gwynne Jones, who sat across the aisle, spoke up.  “You know, boys, we have probably the only honest Englishman in the whole of Great Britain. The rest say how they know this, and play that, and watch the other, and appreciate that about every sport under the sun, which of course is complete bollocks; but Mike not only doesn’t know, he doesn’t want to know!”






‘reading, ‘riting; and most important; ‘rithmatic

Listening to our erstwhile but still unfortunately incumbent Prime Minister as he made his welcomed resignation speech, his voice ‘breaking’ as he avowed his ‘love’ for the Country we inhabit, there was one special item highlighted which he stated that he was really proud of; and that was ‘enabling those who love each other to get married whatever their sexuality,; and that one item alone demonstrates the true disdain which this deceitful clown holds for the people who elected him. As a happy member of that large group who come equipped with a damn good memory, that which Labour MP Pat Glass calls ‘old white men’; I have written many times of the anger I felt when this monstrous piece of legislation was shovelled through the halls of Westminster, and on to the Statute Books. This farrago of liberal rubbish was pushed through Parliament, against the wishes of over half the Tory M.P.s, and also against the wishes of the millions of ordinary people who opposed this mish-mash of legislation. Pushed through by a Prime Minister who presumed that he knew the minds of ordinary Englishmen, and also knew how much they would accept before rebellion arose. Pushed through to make common cause with a bunch of shirtlifters; most of whom he had probably had more than close encounters whilst at Eton, or at the homesite of the Bullingdon Boys in amongst the crippled minds inhabiting the ‘dining clubs’ of Oxford. Pushed through despite overwhelming opposition from his own Tory backbenchers, who knew how their own constituency voters felt about dissing Marriage, a practice, a belief, a tradition which has lasted for over three thousand years.

Somewhat prophetically, the Christian Institute also fulminated against this legislation which goes against the natural order of things: in that the sexual drive, the very human sexual act of love, is driven by a need for a man and a woman to procreate; to literally have, to create, children in their own image; a small but perfect example of immortality. From times immemorial, men and women have obeyed the urge to make love and to have a family within the confines of marriage. The married family has proven to be one of the basic building blocks of a civilised society; and it is a state which has the blessing of all the major religions upon this troubled planet. But Cameron knew best, knew instinctively what would ring the bell as far as the lefties, the bloody liberals and all the ‘effing hangers-on which form the core which detests the Family as a building block of society, which actively promotes the twisted ideas behind the alleged ‘transgender’ movement. He knew that legislation which formalised a union which, by its very nature, is sterile would give the signal that he, and through him the Tory Government, gave legitimacy to activities which could well be described as perversions.

When the Prime Minister, insulted 11, 571 British voters after the results of the Eastleigh By-Election, naming them as “fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists”, along with another four-odd million who supported the policies of UKIP in the later General Election, I thought at the time that he would be forced to eat his words; but only after a long time. When the lack-lustre ‘Leave’ campaign stuttered and looked almost lost against the large-calibre ammunition being fired against it by the ‘Remain’ campaign, I honestly did not believe that we could overturn a well-funded, well-orchestrated onslaught by, seemingly, every level of both local, National and indeed International Governments. From Obama to Rome, with commentary from all sides, the warnings, the threats, the shrill ever-escalating prophets of doom kept up their messages. Michael Gove and Boris Johnson did their best, but they did not seem to have any effect on the results of the many polls which gave the message, time and again; that ‘Remain’ was in the ascendancy; that ‘Leave’ didn’t stand a chance: and that they should really just pick up their marbles, and quietly ‘shut the **ck up’!

True, there were the polls which commenced giving weird results, giving the ‘Leavers’ an edge, and sometimes more than just an edge; but when a Labour MP was murdered, her death was linked to ‘hate crimes’ and other assorted garbage; giving the impression that her death was in some way linked to the ‘Leave’ campaign. Despite the blindingly obvious, which was that her death was at the hands of a mentally-disturbed man; even Cameron jumped on the band-wagon, and re-tweeted a connection with the dead MPs last newspaper column where she claimed leaving the EU would not solve ‘immigration’. The ‘Remain’ bunch went to sleep on the evening of June 23rd, convinced that they had repelled the invaders, the great ‘unwashed’ who had dared to even dream that they knew better than all those ‘Connected’, all the Elite, all those who simply accepted that they knew better that the poor suckers who had, amongst other things, fought a war to stop a whole Nation who were intent upon ruling a Continent: who were simply too dumb to understand how ‘complicated’ Europe really was, and how difficult it would be to run their own Country, without all the ‘Colleagues’, to guide and ‘advise’ the ‘“fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists” who were in possession of the closest thing to dynamite: namely, a vote in a Referendum!

Some would state that Nigel Farage was solely responsible for the greatest upset in British Politics; I would tend to disagree. Nigel, along with his flying columns of “fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists” had doorstepped the North, the council estates of the North-East, of Manchester and Birmingham, and had laid their seeds of discontent on the fallow ground of Labour and Tory supporters who were just fed up with being viewed as simple ‘vote fodder’; of being viewed as ‘the plebs’ who really did not want to know, as long as the Premier League was on the telly, along with the ‘bread and circuses’ routine of Eastenders, of ‘Corrie, and of the X-factor; and of course, for the highbrow, the Archers and Emmerdale;  and, naturally, Simply Come Prancing. The great British Public, despite their age-old loyalties towards Labour, and, to a lesser extent, the Conservatives and the Liberals, are alert, awake and, probably because of Internet access, one hell of a lot readier to embrace new ideas, and to reject anything which smells of hypocrisy: which is possibly why Nigel’s guys were welcomed so readily on the doorsteps which had been ignored, or rather taken for granted, by the Politically Elevated amongst us.

I would disagree with the choice of the Farage effect, along with the UKIP leader as the sole fulcrum, the fount of all things ‘Leave’. I firmly believe that there were three men responsible for the shattering impact of Sunderland, Boston and Birmingham.

  • I would name Nigel Farage, because it was his Party, and his standing, persistence and political savvy which paved the way for the Referendum by frightening the living daylights out of the Tory Party and the Prime Minister.
  • Secondly; I would name Tony Blair, along with his lefty acolytes,for engineering the huge rise in virtually uncontrolled immigration; because they wished to alter the very nature of Great Britain by making it ‘multicultural’, and ‘diverse’, and all the other lefty buzz words which mean absolutely nothing. Blair and his Labour Party are responsible for the crowded A&E departments of hospitals in the big cities, along with the fact that you have to book a fortnight in advance if you are lucky enough to get a GP’s appointment. They are responsible  for the one million-odd bogus asylum seekers crowding up the bedsits and  rented houses, because they would not admit that 99% of these asylum seeking clowns are liars and grifters; and have allowed the one percent, the genuine asylum seekers, to be viewed as the rest. Labour are also responsible for the two-million-odd Muslim members of the Fifth Column, with their fanatical adherence to a foreign prophet, a prophet who demands absolute obedience to his word; and who also demands that all bow down and accept his rule, or die!
  • The third placed name, which should of course be viewed as the primary, is of course David Cameron, he of the ‘huskies’, he of such sympathy for the ‘oppressed’ that he nearly persuaded the House of Commons to vote to bomb Syria, and therefore stick our underfunded and over-stretched Armed Forces into yet another unwinnable conflict; he of the bully-boy tactics which rammed through the ‘same-sex’ marriage legislation onto a largely unwilling and unimpressed Country. I firmly believe that this last effort, to bring into the world an edict which states that everyone has to accept that a bunch of clowns who persist in practices which the human body is just not built for is their solemn equal; made the difference to over a million-odd British voters: a million who would probably have either voted to ‘remain’, or not even bothered to vote! The difference between saying, ‘Fair enough’ he’s got a point’; and stating that, ‘No way is he gonna’ get his way again’: which is what happened when 669,444 people signed a petition on the Coalition for Marriage website, and Cameron’s jerk-offs stated that they would count as one voice during the consultations.
  • Leave? I bet that “Our Dave’ wished he had never, ever listened to the siren calls of, amongst others, his wife, and commenced that same-sex garbage rolling towards the gutter, and his own electoral Armageddon!!!

And who are they, to decide what we shall not read?

Story given front page prominence by Guido’s website on Telegraph’s commentary piece about ‘Queen Theresa’ to be blocked after ‘protests’ from May’s team, inclusive of the terms So damaging did May’s campaign think it that they insisted it be removed or the newspaper would suffer consequences after her coronation…’.

But the Internet never forgets, and the whole article, by Jonathan Foreman, is accessed from this link, . It does give a fresh, even rather acerbic, viewpoint of Mrs. May’s job performance; as well as suitability to lead the country as its Prime Minister!

One of the more telling paragraphs states:-

Take the demoralised, underfunded UK Border Force. As the public discovered after a people-smugglers’ vessel ran aground in May, it has has only three cutters protecting 7,700 miles of coastline. Italy by contrast has 600 boats patrolling its 4722 miles.

Says a great deal about her ability to control a Department; never mind a country!

It really does look as though we made the ‘EXIT’ decision just in time.

If the reader peruses the snappily titled ‘A strong Europe in a world of uncertainties’, which is a very very long European Union document which gives the German and French Nations’ thoughts on ‘how to proceed after the Brits finally piss off’; the reader will find that some of the rumours of items held back by the Euro-scum until the UK did as expected and vote to stay in; are finally released for public consumption.

With phrases such as The European Union Global Strategy’ and integrated EU foreign and security policy bringing together all EU policy instruments;   as well as The EU should be able to plan and conduct civil and military operations more effectively, with the support of a permanent civil-military chain of command. The EU should be able to rely on employable high-readiness forces and provide common financing for its operations. Within the framework of the EU, member states willing to establish permanent structured cooperation in the field of defence or to push ahead to launch operations should be able to do so in a flexible manner. If needed, EU member states should consider establishing standing maritime forces or acquiring EU-owned capabilities in other key areas; they are bringing forward the first steps towards a European Army, as well as a Common Foreign Policy; yet another step along the way towards ‘ever closer Union’.

The next phrase to be checked out is ‘ This would require harmonisation of criminal law among the member states.’. In other words, all the remaining Nation-States would be forced to ditch their own criminal laws, and adopt a system probably based along the French Napoleonic Code.

When I first read the next phrase, I was brought back to a time when the Nazi jackboots trod across all Europe. The authors calmly state ‘There shall be no unilateral national answers to the migration challenge, which is a truly European challenge of the 21st century’; andAs a first step, the Dublin system has to be improved to deal with exceptional circumstances by means of a permanent and binding mechanism which foresees burden sharing among all member states. If necessary, Germany and France stand ready to proceed on this matter with a group of like-minded partners. In other words, ‘you will obey; there is no alternative!’ Jesus; who do these little dictators think they are effing kidding?

Finally, I noticed the sentences:- To this end, France and Germany will shoulder the main responsibility of organising a process of economic convergence and political governance which balances obligations and solidarity to accompany the process. Surplus and deficit countries will have to move, as a one-sided alignment is politically unfeasible. The foreword heading to this was given as Fostering growth and completing the Economic and Monetary Union. A seasoned commentator on European affairs once wrote that once a Project is discussed, it is never, ever, forgotten. Despite the lunacies of attempting to bring now 27 economies together, Germany and France will push on, presumably happier now that the ‘Awkward Squad’ is leaving the arena.

Folks, we might go through some rough patches, but we are truly well out of this dung-heap!

The ‘Ides of March’ are a little late this year

Ignore all the stories about how Gove plotted against Boris Johnson, but kept ‘schtum’ until the last minute. Ignore all the leaks about how this, or indeed that, scenario was discussed over cheese toasties at midnight.

There must have been a secret held by Gove regarding Boris Johnson which was so catastrophic, so horrendous, that Boris simply caved and withdrew from the contest. The prize, the Tory Leadership, has been Boris’ ambition from his days at Ashdown House and Eton; behind that bumbling facade has always been a brilliant mind and a ruthless personality.

The Secret? It cannot be about Boris fathering illegitimate children; after all, he has two, or is it three already: the news of another wouldn’t rate more than a small section on Page 24 of the Times. It cannot be because he was either buggering or being buggered by a school or college ‘friend’, and the news was enough to make him fold. Most of these Tories have been shafting each other for years, so where is the scandal in that?

Whatever the secret is, and we shall probably never, ever discover; was sufficient ammunition to make Bumbling Boris fold his cards, and leave the table, without even bothering to discover what other cards were being dealt.