And who are they, to decide what we shall not read?

Story given front page prominence by Guido’s website on Telegraph’s commentary piece about ‘Queen Theresa’ to be blocked after ‘protests’ from May’s team, inclusive of the terms So damaging did May’s campaign think it that they insisted it be removed or the newspaper would suffer consequences after her coronation…’.

But the Internet never forgets, and the whole article, by Jonathan Foreman, is accessed from this link, . It does give a fresh, even rather acerbic, viewpoint of Mrs. May’s job performance; as well as suitability to lead the country as its Prime Minister!

One of the more telling paragraphs states:-

Take the demoralised, underfunded UK Border Force. As the public discovered after a people-smugglers’ vessel ran aground in May, it has has only three cutters protecting 7,700 miles of coastline. Italy by contrast has 600 boats patrolling its 4722 miles.

Says a great deal about her ability to control a Department; never mind a country!