‘reading, ‘riting; and most important; ‘rithmatic

Listening to our erstwhile but still unfortunately incumbent Prime Minister as he made his welcomed resignation speech, his voice ‘breaking’ as he avowed his ‘love’ for the Country we inhabit, there was one special item highlighted which he stated that he was really proud of; and that was ‘enabling those who love each other to get married whatever their sexuality,; and that one item alone demonstrates the true disdain which this deceitful clown holds for the people who elected him. As a happy member of that large group who come equipped with a damn good memory, that which Labour MP Pat Glass calls ‘old white men’; I have written many times of the anger I felt when this monstrous piece of legislation was shovelled through the halls of Westminster, and on to the Statute Books. This farrago of liberal rubbish was pushed through Parliament, against the wishes of over half the Tory M.P.s, and also against the wishes of the millions of ordinary people who opposed this mish-mash of legislation. Pushed through by a Prime Minister who presumed that he knew the minds of ordinary Englishmen, and also knew how much they would accept before rebellion arose. Pushed through to make common cause with a bunch of shirtlifters; most of whom he had probably had more than close encounters whilst at Eton, or at the homesite of the Bullingdon Boys in amongst the crippled minds inhabiting the ‘dining clubs’ of Oxford. Pushed through despite overwhelming opposition from his own Tory backbenchers, who knew how their own constituency voters felt about dissing Marriage, a practice, a belief, a tradition which has lasted for over three thousand years.

Somewhat prophetically, the Christian Institute also fulminated against this legislation which goes against the natural order of things: in that the sexual drive, the very human sexual act of love, is driven by a need for a man and a woman to procreate; to literally have, to create, children in their own image; a small but perfect example of immortality. From times immemorial, men and women have obeyed the urge to make love and to have a family within the confines of marriage. The married family has proven to be one of the basic building blocks of a civilised society; and it is a state which has the blessing of all the major religions upon this troubled planet. But Cameron knew best, knew instinctively what would ring the bell as far as the lefties, the bloody liberals and all the ‘effing hangers-on which form the core which detests the Family as a building block of society, which actively promotes the twisted ideas behind the alleged ‘transgender’ movement. He knew that legislation which formalised a union which, by its very nature, is sterile would give the signal that he, and through him the Tory Government, gave legitimacy to activities which could well be described as perversions.

When the Prime Minister, insulted 11, 571 British voters after the results of the Eastleigh By-Election, naming them as “fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists”, along with another four-odd million who supported the policies of UKIP in the later General Election, I thought at the time that he would be forced to eat his words; but only after a long time. When the lack-lustre ‘Leave’ campaign stuttered and looked almost lost against the large-calibre ammunition being fired against it by the ‘Remain’ campaign, I honestly did not believe that we could overturn a well-funded, well-orchestrated onslaught by, seemingly, every level of both local, National and indeed International Governments. From Obama to Rome, with commentary from all sides, the warnings, the threats, the shrill ever-escalating prophets of doom kept up their messages. Michael Gove and Boris Johnson did their best, but they did not seem to have any effect on the results of the many polls which gave the message, time and again; that ‘Remain’ was in the ascendancy; that ‘Leave’ didn’t stand a chance: and that they should really just pick up their marbles, and quietly ‘shut the **ck up’!

True, there were the polls which commenced giving weird results, giving the ‘Leavers’ an edge, and sometimes more than just an edge; but when a Labour MP was murdered, her death was linked to ‘hate crimes’ and other assorted garbage; giving the impression that her death was in some way linked to the ‘Leave’ campaign. Despite the blindingly obvious, which was that her death was at the hands of a mentally-disturbed man; even Cameron jumped on the band-wagon, and re-tweeted a connection with the dead MPs last newspaper column where she claimed leaving the EU would not solve ‘immigration’. The ‘Remain’ bunch went to sleep on the evening of June 23rd, convinced that they had repelled the invaders, the great ‘unwashed’ who had dared to even dream that they knew better than all those ‘Connected’, all the Elite, all those who simply accepted that they knew better that the poor suckers who had, amongst other things, fought a war to stop a whole Nation who were intent upon ruling a Continent: who were simply too dumb to understand how ‘complicated’ Europe really was, and how difficult it would be to run their own Country, without all the ‘Colleagues’, to guide and ‘advise’ the ‘“fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists” who were in possession of the closest thing to dynamite: namely, a vote in a Referendum!

Some would state that Nigel Farage was solely responsible for the greatest upset in British Politics; I would tend to disagree. Nigel, along with his flying columns of “fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists” had doorstepped the North, the council estates of the North-East, of Manchester and Birmingham, and had laid their seeds of discontent on the fallow ground of Labour and Tory supporters who were just fed up with being viewed as simple ‘vote fodder’; of being viewed as ‘the plebs’ who really did not want to know, as long as the Premier League was on the telly, along with the ‘bread and circuses’ routine of Eastenders, of ‘Corrie, and of the X-factor; and of course, for the highbrow, the Archers and Emmerdale;  and, naturally, Simply Come Prancing. The great British Public, despite their age-old loyalties towards Labour, and, to a lesser extent, the Conservatives and the Liberals, are alert, awake and, probably because of Internet access, one hell of a lot readier to embrace new ideas, and to reject anything which smells of hypocrisy: which is possibly why Nigel’s guys were welcomed so readily on the doorsteps which had been ignored, or rather taken for granted, by the Politically Elevated amongst us.

I would disagree with the choice of the Farage effect, along with the UKIP leader as the sole fulcrum, the fount of all things ‘Leave’. I firmly believe that there were three men responsible for the shattering impact of Sunderland, Boston and Birmingham.

  • I would name Nigel Farage, because it was his Party, and his standing, persistence and political savvy which paved the way for the Referendum by frightening the living daylights out of the Tory Party and the Prime Minister.
  • Secondly; I would name Tony Blair, along with his lefty acolytes,for engineering the huge rise in virtually uncontrolled immigration; because they wished to alter the very nature of Great Britain by making it ‘multicultural’, and ‘diverse’, and all the other lefty buzz words which mean absolutely nothing. Blair and his Labour Party are responsible for the crowded A&E departments of hospitals in the big cities, along with the fact that you have to book a fortnight in advance if you are lucky enough to get a GP’s appointment. They are responsible  for the one million-odd bogus asylum seekers crowding up the bedsits and  rented houses, because they would not admit that 99% of these asylum seeking clowns are liars and grifters; and have allowed the one percent, the genuine asylum seekers, to be viewed as the rest. Labour are also responsible for the two-million-odd Muslim members of the Fifth Column, with their fanatical adherence to a foreign prophet, a prophet who demands absolute obedience to his word; and who also demands that all bow down and accept his rule, or die!
  • The third placed name, which should of course be viewed as the primary, is of course David Cameron, he of the ‘huskies’, he of such sympathy for the ‘oppressed’ that he nearly persuaded the House of Commons to vote to bomb Syria, and therefore stick our underfunded and over-stretched Armed Forces into yet another unwinnable conflict; he of the bully-boy tactics which rammed through the ‘same-sex’ marriage legislation onto a largely unwilling and unimpressed Country. I firmly believe that this last effort, to bring into the world an edict which states that everyone has to accept that a bunch of clowns who persist in practices which the human body is just not built for is their solemn equal; made the difference to over a million-odd British voters: a million who would probably have either voted to ‘remain’, or not even bothered to vote! The difference between saying, ‘Fair enough’ he’s got a point’; and stating that, ‘No way is he gonna’ get his way again’: which is what happened when 669,444 people signed a petition on the Coalition for Marriage website, and Cameron’s jerk-offs stated that they would count as one voice during the consultations.
  • Leave? I bet that “Our Dave’ wished he had never, ever listened to the siren calls of, amongst others, his wife, and commenced that same-sex garbage rolling towards the gutter, and his own electoral Armageddon!!!