One ‘Trade’ which should be scrutinised.

Whilst the very idea of crusading on anything excepting politics, and how we are actually governed, is the last thing on my mind, I came across a blog post which did stir some mild resentment; If I might expand a little.

Normally, I am no great ‘animal rights expert’, my feelings and opinions amount to the hope that there should be no actual cruelty in the rearing, transportation or death of animals which have been reared to provide mankind with food, and similar hope as regards animals which are kept or looked upon as family pets. I am of the firm belief that animals are not sentient beings, despite many people tending to anthropomorphise animals, birds etc, based upon their dark eyes or on their alleged ability to detect or understand human voice commands or terms of endearment. If other people view pets or other animals as ‘almost human’; it is my belief that they delude themselves. I would just point to the large number of attacks by dogs upon either their owners, upon small children visitors, or upon other animals. These attacks happen because all dogs, large and small, are descendants of the wolf; and you cannot find a more unpredictable or dangerous animal in the wild than a wolf, bred through countless centuries to do one thing, and one thing only, which is to kill for the sake of the pack, for food; and to demonstrate that the alpha-male wolf is the leader.

But I digress, and would return to my original theme, which is that we should ensure that all transported animals, whether it be UK horses sent for use as carcasses in France, or beef cattle sent from Australia towards the Middle East; are transported decently, and with due regard for the regulations which should rule all live animal transport. As this sea-going vet states, with due regard for written English:—  Live Export is in Deep Shit. She writes of having to attain a bows-light state so all the hundreds of tons of livestock urine and shit, along with innumerable gallons of water, run down towards the ship’s stern, and also to set a starboard list to encourage the shit to flow over the starboard side of the ship at the stern; whilst on a never-ending cycle of washing, cleansing, saw-dust spreading and health checking for the whole voyage. I would end this small polemic by giving just one photograph of the conditions for the animals whilst on board, and wondering what dreadful diseases are carried off the ships and into the abbattoirs, as they discharge their hapless cargo?


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