…….and she’ll never walk down Lime Street any more

Oh, Maggie, Maggie May, they have taken her away
And she’ll never walk down Lime Street any more
Oh, she robbed those lime juice sailors, and the captains of the whalers,
That dirty robbing no-good Maggie May

After the brutal defenestration of Leadsom, which came after a Times reporter managed an interview to literally place words in her mouth which did not represent her actual attitude, we have been presented with the ‘Coup’, the very ‘Coronation’ which the new Prime Minister had stated that she did not want. Fair enough, according to the Party Rules, being the only one left in the race after Andrea stepped down, or was probably pushed after one of the acolytes stamped on the fingers which were clinging to the ledge; she was the one chosen of the Party; but is she the chosen by the Party.

There are some 150,000 Tory Party members who would have liked to hear what she had to say, and would liked to compare her statements with her opponent, before making their minds up on who should lead them: and I reckon that many of those Tory members are, like me, just a teensy-weensy bit miffed at the speed with which we were presented with a ‘fait accompli!

Maggie May might have been transported to Australia, but at least she had the opportunity to speak in her defence!

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