What or whom are they showing solidarity towards?


Red, white and blue Floodlights and lighting on buildings across the world? Candles in the bloody wind? Holding hands? What on earth for? The dead as they lie scattered or shattered on the pavements and tarmac streets of Nice?


(The image of a Shanghai floodlit tower, symbol of yet another bloodthirtsy regime, is ever-so-slightly toe-curling; especially when it comes to alleged sympathy for a jihadi masscacre!) Spare me!

Instead of raiding known nests of bloody jihadis, or bringing back the guillotine for terrorist treason; they form committees, light ’effing candles, and hold bloody hands!

What should the West be doing? My views, being slightly more robust than some, include the following:-

  • Close ALL the Saudi-funded Wahabbi-led mosques, and deport immediately all the Saudi-funded imams and mullahs; along with their extensive families, broods and supporters.
  • Close down, immediately, all Madrassas and so-called Islamic schools, and either deport or restrict the so-called teachers.
  • Ban, immediately, all Sharia courts, and deport or imprison, if necessary, those who push this alternate justice system; as by allowing ‘sharia’, they push the system which encourages the diminution of women to a second class status.
  • Ban not only the burka, but any form of head covering which is worn to signify religious observance. Ban also any dress, garment or covering which signifies adherence to the Muslim religion or belief.
  • Remove, immediately, the offer or existence of translation services from any Court, local council or national Government office or website. The language of the United Kingdom is English, and the Stormont Assembly, along with the Welsh and the Scots crew should be also reminded of this fact. (and the Cornish can get stuffed as well!)
  • Polygamy is illegal, and all the jungle-bunnies should be reminded of this fact; and if any attempt to claim for two, three or more so-called wives, they should be reminded by a hefty fine and at least three years in the slammer.
  • The State Religion is Anglicanism, based upon Christianity, and nothing else. If anyone wishes to live under Islamic law, they should move to a bloody Islamic country!