a pastor’s fart in the corridors of power?

It is not often that I am able to write of good news in the political arena, but when such an opportunity presents itself, who am I to argue or demur.

An impressive video by a Zimbabwean pastor, asking why his country had failed him, was uploaded, and almost immediately went viral. His words and his statements caused the first ever 24-hour strike by just about everyone in Zimbabwe. The whole country just stopped! A blogger whose views I regularly read, posted that she proudly displayed her flag for the first time in years, for this time, Zimbabweans have seen, through the dark curtains of police brutality, of the endemic corruption in central and local government: a chink of light.

It may not last, we have all seen the way that Mugabe treats his own, never mind any kind of opposition; but, if he isn’t murdered, if Pastor Mawarire isn’t silenced in the way many others have; if his body doesn’t reappear swollen with the gases of mortality after torture and death: perhaps Zimbabwe has just a chance at a rebirth!



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