So its all ‘Hi-tech’, here we come!

When still a fairly young man, I was involved with advanced electronic equipment used by the RAF & the Royal Navy. Everything had to be spot-on when this type of gear was placed on a jet bomber or a naval jet fighter, because men’s lives were at stake, and the Servicemen involved  wanted to come back to base on an evening; so you can imagine the care which was taken when calibrating the gear. It was as good as it got, in those days of thermionic valves, resistors, small round ‘scopes; but it did the job.

But times move on, technology changes; and the gear is smaller, mostly solid-state or indeed chip-based stuff, where the coding is more important than the millions of transistors which are loaded and laced onto a single silicon chip. Which is where you get the all-purpose saying, ‘we are using ‘World-leading’ systems’.

It must have been one of those ‘world-leading sensor systems’ that the Trainee Commanders aboard HMS Ambush were using; just when they surfaced right underneath some large merchant ship,denting their nice, brand-new £1.1 Billion’s worth of Nuclear Attack Submarine. (Click the pix to get a better view of the totally crumpled Conning Tower)



Letter to The Editor

To my local newspapers, printed and published in the North-East, where Labour votes are not counted, they are weighed:-

I wish, through your columns, to express my extreme pleasure at the real possibility of Jeremy Corbyn being elected, once more, as the Labour Party Leader. As an opponent of everything the Labour Party has stood for for many years, I cannot imagine any scenario which would give this pacifist, communist, foolish rebel of some forty years standing the remotest possibility of beating the Tories, and installing Labour as the ruling Party in this United Kingdom.

He is probably a very nice man, and a lifelong protester: but ‘protest’ does not win votes; ‘protest’ does not win elections, and, most importantly; ‘protest’ does not win the hearts and minds of the Labour electorate! He is of the Hard-line Left of the Party, and experience alone tells us that their policies, their heavy-man mob mentality, their almost Trotskyite view of British Politics goes down, in the living rooms of the towns and cities, like a cup of cold vomit.

I hate to be realistic, but the only man, the only Labour Politician, who understood how to make Labour electable, and not only electable but elected; not once, not twice, but three times; was the ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair. Much as I disliked him, and his ‘spin’, his exaggerations and his duplicity: he was a master strategist, and he knew how to project a Plan.

Corbyn? He couldn’t get the support of even a third of his Parliamentary Party, so he finagles the rules, gets back on the ballot without the support all other challengers needed, and he is home in a walk, with all the starry-eyed ‘Lefties trailing along behind him. Yes, he will be the new Labour Leader, and Theresa May and her Tory Party will wipe the floor with Labour for the next fifteen years. Great stuff, as far as I am concerned, but bad for Britain; because Britain needs a strong Opposition, and Corbyn’s cavalry don’t even have any horses; and not only no horses, they don’t know how to ride!


Mike Cunningham