How to steal a Nation

Imagine you wish to be a ‘Democratic’ Dictator, a Theocratic President; an all-powerful leader of a nation which has an overwhelming majority of people whose religion is the same as yours: but has an iron-clad Constitution demanding that that Turkish Nation is run along strictly secular lines. Your national newspapers rubbish your every attempt to make your friends ever richer, they continually attempt to expose the huge amounts raked off in Government corruption.

You plan things carefully; with secrecy as prime concern. You have a large group of malcontents who wish to secede from your Country, and form their own Independent State. You first make peace with them, and lull them with wise words and promises of autonomy, then you engineer many bombing atrocities, whilst blaming your opponents. Give your opponents every opportunity to grab the deadly headlines, by accepting that bombings, the murders, the attacks are all from the bunch, well, we’ll call them Kurds. Then you turn away from the peace talks, blame everything on the Kurds, and attack their bases even over the border.

Then you find that a nation whose borders meet yours is involved in a deadly civil war; and this war is complicated by yet another bunch, even deadlier than the Kurds, are gaining ground within your neighbour’s borders; but because the third group, whom we shall call ISIL, are of the same mindset as yourself regarding religion, you help them; you allow their foreign fighters to pass through your airports on the way to their targets and bases; you allow your son to buy their oil which comes from the fields stolen by ISIL. You state that they are your enemy, but you do virtually nothing except allow millions of refugees to transit your territory.

IT is then that you discover what bad friends they are, because ISIS now commences a terror bombing campaign against your Nation, mainly because one set of fundamentalists dislikes yet another bunch of fundamentalists. So you plan ever more carefully, and bring into the forefront an enemy who used to be a staunch friend, who is now safely in exile in America. You claim that he is funding an insurrection, and attempt to gain ever  more power for yourself, locking up journalists and anyone who has the stones to speak out against you. You are aware that he has, within Turkey, a loose confederation of similar minds, within the police, the judiciary, the lower levels of the Army; but he has never been able to organise anything which would appear even to be a threat.

Your thirst for power is well-known, but you fail, at the last election, to gain the elusive majority which would allow you to modify the Constitution: but you and your followers hatch a devious plan to gain power through the back door, as it were. You arrange for two junior Army generals to gain the idea that, if they strike during your well-publicised summer holiday, the Army will gain power and remove the stains, as they term, of the Islamic rules which you have brought into everyday Turkish life. Now the Turkish Army, a confident, well armed and mechanised force, although a tad uneasy with your ever-present Islamic pressure; really wants nothing to do with a couple of junior staff malcontents, so the back planning goes ahead with a few hundred soldiers, two platoons of tanks, and a few jets and helicopters from the Turkish Air Force. The jets bomb the Presidential Palace, which is a waste of explosives because the President is on holiday. All news stations and TV are off the air, so you, the smartest and possibly most media-savvy President to date, fire up your Facetime app, call the CNN Turkish TV station, which, being privately run, hadn’t attracted the military’s gaze, went onto the air and implored his Islamic followers onto the street, and the rest was just a matter of arresting anyone who was even believed to be in on the coup plot, including large swathes of the military, the judges, firing or suspending all the teachers, and anyone who wasn’t either bearded or not wearing a bloody hijab.

And so it goes, President Erdogan is now invulnerable, he has his ‘State of Emergency’, and he can do virtually anything he wishes. The slide of Turkey from a modern, secular, industrial State to a backward Theocratic State, run along the lines of Iran, will happen, he will unleash the million-odd refugees and head them towards the Greek beaches and borders, causing further creased brows in Berlin, where most of the scum want to go; but nothing concrete about stopping the horde will be achieved, because when 27 countries are asked to do something hard, or brutal, or necessary: they will blink, and talk, and twist in the ‘effing wind!

The only thing which we can do is congratulate ourselves that we are out of this mess, and all we have to do is erect a really good Border Defence system, using sniffer dogs and a really fast X-ray/Infra-red system for the trucks, but possibly with live ammunition on the boats. Turkey is lost; they will never join the EU, but I suppose that won’t worry them too much: after all, ‘It was Written’, and Allah will provide!

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