My life, my joy, my food, my all the world!

As readers might know, I am a father, and a grandfather; so it can be assumed I know a moderate amount about the privileges and responsibilities of raising children. Gazing as I do at the ranged photos of my grandsons on the mantel, I can recall when my own kids, now obviously all adults themselves, were of a similar age as those photos represent. They were noisy, but mannered; lively, but respectful: and my wife and I ensured that they were loved, and cared for always.

When out together, either shopping or relaxing, we knew where they were at all times; they knew enough about the way that I felt that they would never, ever give us any worry as to their whereabouts, but that did not stop us from adopting the attitude which stated, even in the healthy society which was South Africa, where deviants had a very, very short life span; that no-one would cast an avaricious eye upon the treasures of our lives!

So readers might well understand when I state that I just cannot fathom the mindset which states‘Lynsey Dunn, 28, and step-father Paul Smith, 35, were believed to have lost track of Charlie as they packed up their car to head home after a day at the park’. Bullshit, in ‘effing spades! What parent ‘loses track’ of their child? What man or woman who call themselves ‘parents’ can be so far adrift from reality as to claim to ‘lose track’ of their most precious possession; the fruit, certainly, of the mother’s womb; and the accepted responsibility of the step-father?

P.S. Again with all the stuffed toys and teddy bears: and Interflora shares rocketing once again!