Arise, Mr. Philips.

As the umpteenth derogatory comment is printed on the business acumen (or not) as well as the moral stance (or not) of both Sir Philip Green and his Lady wife, allied to the collapse of the BHS stores into bankruptcy and liquidation, I am rather puzzled.

The Select Committee who questioned both the senior executives of the old BHS bunch, the failed bankrupt who bought the BHS business for £1.00, and Sir Philip himself, delivered a ‘coruscating report’ on the various failings of the former owner, the senior bankers and advisors who ‘rubber-stamped’ the sale; but didn’t seem able to point towards any actual actions available to the Liquidators and the Pension Regulators.

Has Sir Philip actually done anything illegal? Nope. Questionable? Certainly: but anything which he can be brought before a Court, held up by his ankles and had the loot shaken out of his roomy pockets? Nope. Everything done by Sir Philip, along with his wife, will be seen to be: you can bet the kitchen sink, as being rigorously according to Company Law.

So why are the MPs so annoyed with the Greens, who are pictured smiling as they lounge on their outrageously-expensive floating gin-palaces? Is it because they know that this pair of slickers have got away with the loot: managed to carefully, and of course completely legally, to avoid pushing just over half-a-billion quid into the tattered BHS pension fund?

Why don’t the MPs, along with all their fancy advisors and hangers-on, announce that a root-and-branch reform of all these business and pension-funding loopholes will take place, with an equally firm promise that reform of all these practices will be announced within a reformed Business Bill, which will be fast-tracked through both Houses. Somehow to take away the Knighthood seems a little bit petty, as it won’t get any cash back, and the Greens will just have to print new stationery, which is a bit inconvenient; but when you have £3.5 billion, I suppose you can afford it!