A Farage: or a mirage?

The dramatic resignation of the leader of UKIP, coming, as it did; immediately after the Referendum result had been announced, has thrown the Party into a turmoil which has been  near fatal. Instead of biding his time, savouring the moment and organising a measured timetable for a Leadership contest, Farage decided that he has had enough of the Left-wing bully-boys from Labour, the death threats against himself and his family, the need to be escorted at all times by a bunch of heavies because he had already been ambushed at least twice by a threatening mob, the constant sniping from a fractured and undisciplined Party inclusive of a simperingly-disloyal single MP: and we can almost understand the indecent haste with which he ran for the exit.

Consider the following facts:-

  • From a one-man Protest group, always talking and using nothing but words, he built a Party which collected 4 million votes at the last General Election. Over a period of eighteen years, he managed to bring about the most decisive about-turn in British political history, and saw the ‘Leave’ camp win the decision by a healthy 4% majority. He did this by reminding voters how they had been deceived by their former leaders about the stretch and grasp of the monster which the European Union had become. By splitting votes from both the Tories and their ‘Project Fear’ campaign, but more strongly from the Labour pack, which split was emboldened by the lack-lustre campaign run by Corbyn and his jackals; and the Labour vote, being unusually prescient, knew that Corbyn had always detested the EU idea, and voted accordingly. Readers should either ignore, or laugh derisively, at the claims from the ‘official Leave camp’ that it was them what won it, as their campaign, such as it was, was virtually silent and ill-prepared! Farage was the name on the minds of British voters, and it is Farage whom should get all the credit!
  • Nigel Farage was singularly detested within the corridors of Brussels, mainly because he used the worst weapon in the world of Politics: he laughed at them. He was amusingly brutal, and they took it because he always did his homework, and he laughed at the  things, the projects which the Brussels elite adored, and they hated him for being right. Farage had the gift, the amazing faculty for projecting his image, which he had fashioned over the years, of being and speaking as a man of the people; for that was, at his heart, what he was.
  • A man who was close to death on more than one occasion, with him being dragged from a plane crash as one instance, and a bout with testicular cancer as another, he  embraced the idea which he pushed for above all else, that the one thing which would set Great Britain back on track would be to remove itself, lock, stock and voters; from the rule of the ruthless cabal which masqueraded under the velvet-gloved hands of the bureaucrats with their padded structures gathered together under the title of  ‘European Union’.
  • When Cameron viewed the results of polls which told him one thing, and one thing only, that Europe and UKIP was more of a threat to his Government, he reacted as only an arrogant man could do, he promised a Referendum. Offering a chance for ‘ordinary people’, the voiceless horde whose only job was to hold him and his own bunch in power, the ‘plebs’ who featured, if at all, in their rightful place at the very base of the totem pole of power, to have a ‘say’ in how their Nation would and could be governed: was not, in Cameron’s mind, even a gamble. The British would do as they were told, he reasoned; the British just would never walk away from the European Union. They might routinely moan when Parliamentary Law was routinely overruled by either case-law under the UK Human Rights Act, or by a decision from the European Courts of either Human Rights, or of Justice: but rebel? Never in a million years. So this arrogant man, secure in his spider’s web of Eton Wall Game enthusiasts who told the ‘Emperor’ that his clothes fitted perfectly, secure in the absolute knowledge that the Labour-voting rabble would do as they were told, equally secure that the Turnip Taliban were no threat at all; equally content that the minor irritant which was ‘Grassroots Conservatives’ were just an annoyance and nothing more; content that when he silenced his annoyingly liberal wife with his successful attack on civilised society with his institution of Homosexual Marriage, decided that he would promise the ‘plebs’ a Referendum: because there was no way on this good earth that he could lose!
  • But this arrogant, specious, lying clown forgot one thing, and one thing only. He forgot that the world had moved on from the absolute knowledge that the Tory Party would rule for a thousand years, and had access to the new ‘News’; which of course items like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and all the ‘Applications’ which means that when a pair of ‘professional entertainers’ ‘marries’, and then one of these perverted ‘Queens’ ‘ decides to crap all over those once-sacred vows by involving a third party ‘swinger’, anal sex without any form of protection, fifty gallons of olive oil and a sunken bath, the whole world wants to know about it, despite a complaisant and compliant High Court Judge and an injunction which isn’t even valid across the Border at Berwick! He forgot that Nigel Farage’s face and words featured on every Youtube video which lacerated the workings of this monstrous bureaucratic outfit; an outfit whose bureaucracy is so lax that they do not even know how much cash has been spent on the bloody enormous scientific boondoggle known as CERN.
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bdob6QRLRJU
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bdob6QRLRJU
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zNIPmAMuoQ
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6UIj72XVz4
  • Farage told his audience how useless the Parliament really was, something no-one had revealed before, and his followers adored him because of his frankness. His favourite perch was in a pub, clutching a pint, a cigarette in the other. Educated at a top school, he eschewed University, and went straight into business, ending up as a metals trader.
  • Farage will be a great loss to the British political scene if he remains outside of UKIP, and as we presently see from the utter horlicks they are stirring just for the leadership election, it is quite obvious that, collectively, they haven’t got a clue. If Theresa May has an ounce of political savvy, she will co-opt Farage to a seat at the Brexit negotiations. The Tories might dislike him, but the Euro bunch detest him, because he knows where most of the bodies are buried, and equally knows how to exhume them under the correct circumstances!