All hail, the great Gods of the Silicon Chip

I was faced with switching off my tv for the next seventeen-odd days, as the whole segment of broadcasting, apart that is, from the channels which do nothing but broadcast repeats, all day, every day; is doing seemingly nothing but Olympics garbage. If its not boxing, or cycling; its either bloody swimming, women’s football or some muslim druggie running faster than other drugged-up clowns. Yes, its the four yearly cycle of Olympic Crap.

But, I have to confess, I am saved. Access to Amazon Prime, and the series therein; along with a vast library of recorded films courtesy of a Blu-Ray DVD system; and the possibility of access for a full month to the joys of Netflix (House of Cards, here I come), together with my own huge stash of Classical music, which I use for purely medicinal purposes, naturally: and I never need go near a terrestrial tv channel for over two weeks.

All thanks to the great and generous Gods of the Glorious Intel Chip, before whose throne we all bow down (or at least slouch) in gratitude!


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