Their names are written in blood

In amongst the ‘We’re all together now’ bullshit emanating from the sewage farms of Copacabana Beach and other ‘sporting venues’ of the Olympics; let us turn away from the sunshine, sweat and drugs; and gaze once more at reality, even at a distance of some forty-odd years.

John Bryans, Robert Chambers, Reginald Chapman, Walter Chapman, Robert Freeburn, Joseph Lemmon, John McConville, James McWhirter, Robert Samuel Walker and Kenneth Worton.


Those names belonged to ten perfectly ordinary British workmen who died because of one terrible truth: they were all Protestants. They died because a bunch of psychopathic criminals, who headed the sinister IRA/SinnFein band ordered the murderous scum who actually carried the weaponry to kill someone, anyone; it did not matter who; in retaliation for the deaths of some unknown people who had died because they were either IRA, or just Catholic. A total of 11 weapons were used at Kingsmill. Nine of them have been linked to 37 murders, 22 attempted murders and 19 non-fatal shootings. Those ten ordinary guys fell in a veritable hail of bullets because of one common ideal; their religion. They died because one group of psychopaths wished to impose their will upon the State, and since all Protestants supported the State, they were chosen. One Catholic man identified himself as such, and so he lived, when all the others died!

A single man has been arrested, but not yet charged, with this atrocity; but the aftermath is with us today; although, from the viewpoint of any who live on the Mainland, with the Queen’s Peace only disturbed by the screams of the girls being raped by the various Muslim gangs in the Yorkshire and Lancashire Mill towns; the equally loud screams of the odd American tourist being stabbed by a teen-aged ‘bullied loner’ whose origins are described as Norwegian-Somalian and definitely not a terrorist, although it has yet to be established how such descriptions were arrived at; and some clowns who think that ‘BlackLivesMatter’ is something which should echo in England as well as it seems to do in America, the reality which is Northern Ireland is but a distant, if only slightly annoying murmur.

The “Peace Accord’, the  Agreement, named either ‘Good Friday’ or the ‘Belfast’ by the various factions who accepted the weird and contorted provisions which assured a ‘voice’ for both bunches of criminals in a Province Parliament had some immediate benefits, as well as some better hidden for decades. The IRA claimed its weaponry were decommissioned and ’beyond use’,; never actually witnessed, but strangely enough, their word was taken as gospel. That same ‘decommissioned weaponry’ pops up every so often even today, when the odd Belfast Prison Officer is blown sky-high by a Semtex bomb under his car; but hey, he’s just one guy, and no-one else was hurt, and we just can’t suspend the Assembly because of a ‘dissident action’. Funny thing, that these ‘dissidents’ all seem to have exceedingly good intelligence, as well as access to sophisticated explosive technology. Same degree of incredulity spread around the death of Robert McCartney, where seventy-odd witnesses all claimed to be in the toilets at the same time, which led to the toilets being rechristened the TARDIS toilets, after Dr. Who.

So we have the Stormont Assembly, peopled by a bunch of thugs in pinstripe suits seated under the banner of the Democratic Unionists in the tiny majority over the other bunch of thugs and murderers, all equally-smartly suited, who call themselves SinnFein, led by the grinning criminal Martin McGuinness; and you have to remember that ordinary people voted for these monsters, gave them democratic cover, and they say that the age of comedy is over! This collection of thugs in suits govern the whole of the Province of Northern Ireland, take the cash and spread it far and wide, and; folks, just remember that it is your cash; British taxpayers’ cash, which fills the wallets of the bunch of killers who ordered the deaths at Kingsmill! 

But we really need to pass on, to Rio, and the gold medals up for grabs by our wonderful athletes! Stop living in the past, and concentrate on the glorious Future: even if that Future does reek with the victims blood!

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