Talking, as we were, of outsiders…..

Let’s take a look at the most outspoken woman ever to enter the roughest, toughest, dirtiest, most bigoted, nastiest and troubled political system known to man, which of course is that of Australian Politics. I talk of course of Pauline Hanson, the lady who, single-handedly, changed Aussie politics forever. She commenced her public life branded as a ‘Racist’ because she stated that the Government should treat all Australians equally. She had campaigned on a platform which called for Aboriginals to receive exactly the same benefits as ordinary Australians. How that evolves into her being ‘racist’ is perhaps opaque, but that’s Aussie politics, in a nutshell.

She was targeted by the big Parties, mainly because her words resonated with ordinary Aussies, and eventually was convicted on trumped-up charges, and spent eleven weeks in a maximum security jail; before having all charges reversed on appeal. Her Party splintered, fell apart, she had to return to her own ‘fish and chip shop’, but; and it is a large and vital ‘But’, she never gave in; she never gave up, she reformed her Party, learned the lessons delivered by a vicious Government and Opposition, and, having learned those lessons, amongst which was to send out cards asking voters to vote in a certain manner, thus defeating the preferential system. Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party proceeded to win no less than 4 Senate seats in the 45th Australian Parliament.

She is strongly Right-wing, but sensible with it; she sounds as she lives; she doesn’t take any prisoners; cackles with laughter when speaking of the ‘Climate Change Scam’; and I do wish that we had someone, anyone, of a similar character to Pauline Hanson amongst the pygmies shuffling around Westminster.