Thick as Pig S***, but dangerous with it!

I have commented previously on the clinical stupidity which seems to be the sole drive inhabiting the disease-infected mind and body of Pauline Cafferkey; that’s the terminally-moronic woman who flew back on a commercial flight from Sierra Leone, and onwards to Glasgow after ‘doing good’ in amongst the Ebola-spattered residents of Freetown. As you may recall, she swanned around the tv and radio studios, doing the ‘I’m a heroine, but modest with it’ routine, but felt ‘really poorly’ before being flown down to London courtesy of the RAF in a mobile isolation bed, as the silly cow had in fact contracted Ebola. She was held in the London Free Hospital at no doubt enormous cost, before being discharged and sent home. She was returned to hospital twice more, and now is suffering from the effects of meningitis, contracted as a result of the Ebola. In amongst the hospitalisation, this bloody disgrace visited schools around Scotland, telling how she was so brave, and caring, and all the other bullshit!

We now learn that she was not only terminally-stupid; she lied when she arrived back on the plane from Sierra Leone, as she did not tell the Heathrow Arrivals Health Screening staff that she had taken paracetamol, which subdued or masked her actual temperature, thus lying and evading the protection steps which had been introduced by a worried British Government. She then skipped aboard the bloody BA jet, and flew up to Glasgow, with the ever-increasing chance of infecting everyone she came in contact with, BECAUSE SHE KNEW BETTER THAN THE ‘EFFING EXPERTS!

She is now facing a fitness to practise hearing with a date set for next month in Edinburgh; held by The Nursing and Midwifery Council. Unfortunately, they only have the power to strike her off the Nursing Register; they are unable to administer the death sentence: pity, that.

and the seat is padded with shaven pubic hair….

I posted a couple of days ago on the frustrations of buying a chair online, and, as my mate James so rightly pointed out, with expectations falling so much short in reality. However, I returned that chair, and eventually received a refund, so continue my search. I am constrained, partly by budgetary considerations, and still looking for value for money. I am not so silly as to do more than browse past the ludicrously priced items found here, which presumably sell upon a known ‘name’, but, with the wide expanse of business on t’Internet from which to choose; I hope to buy a decent chair to replace the old, more-than-slightly-worn chair upon which I am now seated. But as I gazed at web-page after page, I remembered a construction site at which I worked, after retirement, as a relief Clerk-of-Works for about four-odd weeks. There were two buildings where I had to supervise all the mechanical and electrical installations, and, although both buildings were only three/four stories high, they were fairly complex in terms of air-conditioning, lighting and electronic equipment. One building was dedicated to the dark arts of digital electronic engineering, inclusive of coding, the other was more entertainment, film and business-oriented, but both were aimed at the education of youngsters in this, our digital world.

As you may understand, because I needed to look and check every aspect of the works, I was able to go everywhere, including areas which were ‘locked-off’ after completion; mainly to see the finished item. I gained access to the ground floor classrooms, all of which were full, and I do mean ‘full’ of boxes all containing chairs for the students to use. Now I understand that, when you expect to spend seven-eight hours per day seated before a computer screen, you need to be comfortable; but when I saw that the Digital College had purchased 745 off Herman Miller Aeron Office Chairs, I did remember blinking, at least three times, which is an outward sign, for me anyway, of extreme annoyance. Some ten years ago, each Aeron Office Chair; which in the world of chairs comes across as the ‘Rolls-Royce’ of the seating market, cost £700.00 exc. vat; so the total purchase cost of seating for the Digital College was £521,500.00.

Nice work, as long as you are spending other people’s money!