and the seat is padded with shaven pubic hair….

I posted a couple of days ago on the frustrations of buying a chair online, and, as my mate James so rightly pointed out, with expectations falling so much short in reality. However, I returned that chair, and eventually received a refund, so continue my search. I am constrained, partly by budgetary considerations, and still looking for value for money. I am not so silly as to do more than browse past the ludicrously priced items found here, which presumably sell upon a known ‘name’, but, with the wide expanse of business on t’Internet from which to choose; I hope to buy a decent chair to replace the old, more-than-slightly-worn chair upon which I am now seated. But as I gazed at web-page after page, I remembered a construction site at which I worked, after retirement, as a relief Clerk-of-Works for about four-odd weeks. There were two buildings where I had to supervise all the mechanical and electrical installations, and, although both buildings were only three/four stories high, they were fairly complex in terms of air-conditioning, lighting and electronic equipment. One building was dedicated to the dark arts of digital electronic engineering, inclusive of coding, the other was more entertainment, film and business-oriented, but both were aimed at the education of youngsters in this, our digital world.

As you may understand, because I needed to look and check every aspect of the works, I was able to go everywhere, including areas which were ‘locked-off’ after completion; mainly to see the finished item. I gained access to the ground floor classrooms, all of which were full, and I do mean ‘full’ of boxes all containing chairs for the students to use. Now I understand that, when you expect to spend seven-eight hours per day seated before a computer screen, you need to be comfortable; but when I saw that the Digital College had purchased 745 off Herman Miller Aeron Office Chairs, I did remember blinking, at least three times, which is an outward sign, for me anyway, of extreme annoyance. Some ten years ago, each Aeron Office Chair; which in the world of chairs comes across as the ‘Rolls-Royce’ of the seating market, cost £700.00 exc. vat; so the total purchase cost of seating for the Digital College was £521,500.00.

Nice work, as long as you are spending other people’s money!

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