“it means just what I choose it to mean—neither more nor less”

The target for today’s diatribe is Terrorism, but not the garden variety, which of course wants to turn us all into muslim slaves of the Caliphate; or alternatively dead. No, the version of the terrorism which I wish to discuss today is one which was quite popular in the 1990’s (to the deliverers of that particular terror, that is) which was the Animal Rights grouping; in the news just today. When I state ‘in the news today’, this must be explained in the context of the actions of this particular rabid bunch who decided that all animals should be freed, none held or bred in captivity for the (in their opinion) vile purpose of supplying skins to the fur market, or battery hens for egg production, or caged animals bred specifically for scientific or medical research; and that all direct action was good.

But, I hear you ask, how or when was the Animal Rights terrorists’ actions or activities talked about, or discussed this morning? The reader might well state that he or she was listening to the radio for the full three hours of the Today Programme, and nary a word about Animal Rights was spoken, and they would be correct, for it was not what was said, but that which remained unspoken which was so important. The news item under watervole1discussion was the return or reintroduction of one hundred water voles to a lake in Yorkshire. These tiny animals had been bred in captivity, and were to be set free in the area where once thousands had in fact roamed free, because they had very few natural predators to fear. The interviewer asked the National Trust ranger for Malham Tarn Estate what had happened to the original vole population, and she stated, without any inflection whatsoever, that the vole population had been decimated by American Minks which had ‘escaped’ from farms in the vicinity. Now the Mink is well known to be a vicious predator in its native homelands, and when the ‘animal rights’ set of clowns decided that they knew best, raided fur farms all over Great Britain, and loosed these vicious predators upon the native species, the worst affected was the water vole, as they were nearly wiped out by the rabid attack of American minks.

So, the furry, funny story of how the ‘conservationists’ were saving yet another species was true, but the whole truth of how that tiny rodent was very nearly wiped out was not fully explained; probably because both the National Trust and the BBC really like the whole idea of the rancid mob behind the ‘animal rights and protection brigade’, and respect their views, and quietly hope that people will just forget about the type of clowns similar to the bunch who stole a body from a grave, and held the family to ransom; all because they ran a guinea-pig farm. The BBC called these vicious bastards ‘activists’, because you can sympathise with an ‘activist’, but not with a ‘terrorist’!