and don’t forget to scrub your elbows!

In France, public displays of religious observance by public employees are banned.The burqa and niqab, or full-face veil are specifically outlawed. I personally have issues with this practice, as Christians may be caught up by over-zealous apparatchiks for wearing crucifixes, but one supposes eggs, omelettes, etc.

The religious symbol which I would like to see disappear, in Gt. Britain at least, is the Muslim practice of wearing full sleeved garments when working in our NHS hospitals, and thus deliberately going against NHS ‘good practice’ by not having bare arms; and thus being able to wash their arms to ensure they are bacteria-free. A Christian nurse was banned from wearing her crucifix, because it was suggested someone might be injured by it, which was just plain ridiculous. But a long-sleeved top, which will harbour deadly bacteria such as MRSA, is allowed, because, well, they’re Muslim, and conscientious, and its their belief; and well, we don’t want to upset them, because that would be discrimination!

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