Men of Asian appearance learning to swim.

Five dead fully-clothed ‘young’ men drowned in sea off English beauty spot. Scene is twenty-five miles from Calais. BBC refuses to even contemplate that they may be ‘illegal migrants’.

Witnesses said the first three dead men – who were reported as black or Asian – were all fully clothed and did not appear to have any family or friends with them.

It led to speculation that the victims could be illegal immigrants – but a police source said that the investigation is at an early stage and ‘there is currently nothing to suggest the men were migrants’.

Suggestion is that they were forming part of the first proposed new sport for the 2020 Olympics, namely ‘Swimming Twenty-five Miles in open water at Night without assistance or aid.’. The handicap system will be based upon how much they are carrying in their backpacks (compulsory for all swimmers).
The EU refused to comment on the fact that Camber Sands beach has been rated ‘Good’ for swimmers.


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