Restricted; you may enter Paradise; but slowly!

I lived, worked and brought my family up in South Africa. After visiting that wonderful country twice during my sea-going years, after marrying, we decided that we should move to South Africa. I had eighteen years of living in a super, safe, well-run country. We had a good life, albeit with some problems within our own family life; but, as for a place to live and grow a young family, few places better. Then things began to change, the allegedly-terrible sin which was Apartheid was challenged, and the beginnings of the long, slow decline of South Africa commenced. The black population was promised many things by the African National Congress, whose leader was the terror-planner and murder-sympathiser Nelson Mandela; and now, some twenty-five-odd years later, let us see what is truly on the minds of Black South Africans.

  • Is it the ever-increasing murder toll, on Black, Coloured, Indian or White sectors of the population, where the Police Minister has forbidden the compilation of murder statistics because the reality may be ‘spun’ by South Africa’s enemies; both internal and external?
  • Is it the truth that, after twenty-five years of Black-majority rule by the Communists of the African National Congress, very few Black people have even seen a rise in their living standards?
  • Is it not the ever-increasing unemployment figures, as European business people, fed up with the confiscatory attitudes of the Black Empowerment Act, as well as the Employment Equity Act, either leave; or close down their threatened businesses? Taken together, the State forces business owners to divest themselves of equity in their own companies by selling that equity at fire-sale rates, to blacks who have no clue about the business, but because their skins are black, are qualified.
  • Is it the crippling rates of corruption, in all areas of life, that rot the very sinews of the once-good life which was available to all?
  • Is it the overwhelming sense of futility felt by a majority, that the top men of the ANC will not listen to the anger of the black voters, never mind anyone else?
  • Is it the sky-high rates of disinvestment, in all sectors of the economy of a Country which was, literally, the breadbasket of Africa?


Sorry, folks, but the top search, certainly in the Free State, is ‘how to achieve and retain a tight Vagina’


Says it all, really! Bunch of Big Cnuts!

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