Don’t give them a dime!

I have learnt, over the many years of my life, to be deeply cynical about the motives of those who claim that ‘they want to help’; especially in areas where the only ones to walk freely carry at least an AK-47.  I wrote some time back on the sheer stupidity of those such as Kayla Mueller, who, if you can recall ‘wanted to help’ by climbing into the Syrian cauldron, and after getting captured, raped and ‘married’ to one of the guys she so trusted as to behave like civilised beings; instead of the scrapings of the gutter that they really are, was murdered.

Seems as though the Medecin sans Frontieres mob, yet another bunch of do-gooders, only slightly better-funded; was actually in contact with the crew which was holding Mueller, as well as several MSF hostages. The ISIL bunch actually gave the MSF bunch an e-mail address, so negotiations for a Mueller deal could begin, but MSF seemingly withheld the address on ‘security’ grounds. Mueller’s parents claimed that, if the e-mail had been activated, their daughter might have been saved. MSF, like a good corporate ‘buddy’ is saying very little, except “they don’t understand what its like to deal with these people”.

Now far be it from a complete outsider such as I to comment upon the activities of yet another bunch of do-gooders’ even if they come with a fancy name as MSF does; but would it not be smarter just to leave the field to those literally insane enough to risk their lives for a whole heap of cash; e.g. a Mercenary: rather than placing ordinary members of their medical teams in easy reach of getting their bloody heads chopped off? The Merc. assesses the risks, does his sums, and if the cash is good enough, and he knows or understands the bloodthirsty bandits well enough to take a chance: well, why not? But MSF does not operate that way, it takes its own crews of presumably trained medics, and gets them inserted, on the grounds that ‘we are well known not to take sides; and therefore we can be trusted’: which is a complete load of foreign bollocks!

Kayla Mueller, a simpleton of the first rank, drove into Syria with her Syrian boyfriend to supposedly help fix some equipment at an MSF hospital. Mueller was disguised with a hijab and veil; but left it off once at the the hospital, which was run by Spanish staff, as she felt safe and borrowed translators to interview patients, Alkhani said. “She asked about their life, how they managed to survive, and thought she could make a big story in her blog, and maybe bring donations.” So she was betrayed, the goose was sat in the Syrian pot, and eighteen months later, she was killed: and we are supposed to feel sorry for her? Bollocks!

If you really, really wish to waste five minutes, locate her foundation web-page, and read her sayings, or thoughts, or indeed simpleton-type ramblings. They remind me of one thing only; the screen utterances of the film idiot ‘Forrest Gump’. they really are as bad as that! The Mueller family believe that Prez. Obama should keep his promise, and hand out some cash: but in one of the very few Obama decisions which gained universal approval, they haven’t yet coughed up a dollar.