and smiled, and nodded, and passed by.

One of the truly terrifying things about modern politics is the manner in which our present breed latches on to something which sounds absolutely great (in theory) but don’t wish to say anything when the true ramifications of the loony-tunes policy are realised and explored in the cold light of reality.

When the 2008 Climate Change Act was rolled out, very few Parliamentary people had read it, even fewer understood it, and when it was passed by an overwhelming majority, fewer still actually knew the disastrous impact it would have upon Britain’s economy. Written by a Friends of the Earth lobbyist, pushed by David Cameron, adopted by David Milliband and placed on the statute books by his bloody useless brother Ed; this single Act of industrial suicide will end up, if it is not repealed by a Tory government with at least one brain cell working; costing us our entire Industrial base, as well as costing us some £18 billion every year until 2030.

The question surely should be, to what end? Climate Change is a lie, a farce, and an illusion. The climate may well be changing, but Man, along with the dreaded Carbon Dioxide, has nothing to do with it. The (alleged) science has been rubbished, the methods, the algorhythms and the computer projections have been comprehensively rebutted; but still no-one dares to state that the ‘effing emperor not only has no clothes on, he never owned any in the first place!

For a prime example of the true stupidity of Government, they are pushing for‘District heat networks, with local councils (!!!!!) utilising ‘waste to heat’ stations which consume and burn  waste rather than bung it into a big hole, and then piping the resultant steam into everyone’s house to connect to a ‘heat transfer’ boiler which would then heat the central heating pipes, and hot water. Just imagine the sheer stupidity of taking gas boilers out of every British home presently heated by gas: and planning to replace them with superheated steam-pipes laden with steam at 200 C. lying in trenches dug by a British labour force in villages, towns and cities all across the United Kingdom? Has anyone ever stood back and actually looked at the sheer stupidity of a project, which would need the conversion of 20,000 homes every week, and every week for the next twenty years? As a bonus, just remember that all these ‘Waste-to-Heat’ stations which are so blithely discussed are going to be pumping excess CARBON ‘EFFING DIOXIDE into the atmosphere all that time as well, thus eliminating any bloody saving brought about by removing all the ‘effing gas boilers in the first place!

No wonder the Gods up on Olympus are laughing and slowly shaking their collective heads together!