Pauline fires both barrels: hits Crescent-shaped target.

I wrote a few weeks back of an Australian politician whom I deeply admire, and at the same time resent. The politician was Pauline Hanson; and the resentment? Its just that we don’t have any MPs with the courage, the guts, the single-minded determination to speak their mind; and to damn the consequences. To hear a British politician utter the words:-

“while Australia had embraced migrants from all over the world, many of whom had integrated into society, Islam had had an impact on Australia like no other religion.”
“Islam can not have a significant presence in Australia if we are to live in an open, secular and cohesive society,” said Mrs Hanson, Warning that if changes were not made now, “there will be no hope in the future”, she called for an end to Muslim immigration and a ban on the burqa. “In addition, no more mosques or schools should be built and those that already exist should be monitored in regards to what they are teaching until the present crisis is over.”

is a possibility that, under the present milk-sop circumstances ruling in Westminster, and, unfortunately, the rest of the Country; we will never hear anything remotely akin to this principled politician’s speech, as they all have their heads stuck right up the Arsehole of Multi-Culti-Land, where no one is ever allowed to state anything objectionable, in case some bearded Cnut is ‘OFFENDED’.

Free Speech? You must be bloody joking!