A fatal attack of the ‘Stupids’!

So you are a black youth, 13 years old. You hang out with your ‘buds’ in the ‘Hood’. You attempt to rob a passer-by of $10, but he fights you off and hightails it for the open street; but also calls the cops. He states that one of the young black men who attempted the robbery had a gun which looked like a Ruger 1911-style handgun, according to the audio.

The police gave chase when they spotted the three gang-members, and cornered two in an alley. Tyree King pulled what looked like a Ruger 1911 from his waistband, so the cop shot him several times. He was pronounced dead when arriving at the hospital.

King was last enrolled at Linden STEM Academy as an eighth grader, WCMH said. King’s family said in a statement released by their attorneys that “Tyre was a typical 13-year-old child. He was active in football, soccer, hockey, and gymnastics.”

He also carried a toy gun which was not marked as such, in defiance of Federal Law.


He died because he thought he could get rich quicker than working for the cash;

he died because he was attempting a robbery;

he died because he carried a gun which LOOKED LIKE THE REAL DEAL;

and he died because the Cops could not read his mind; and besides, he was just plain stupid!

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