The footfall of humanity

I have often wondered at the facile foolishness exhibited and promoted by ‘modern’ women in the strange and esoteric area of what they wear. There are so many targets of opportunity that, in order to actually write in a sane manner, you have to be very selective: so I choose one area alone; namely shoes.

The single largest component of bodily injury, pain and skeletal deformation in females is a direct result of women, of all ages, wearing high-heeled shoes. But they, despite years of warnings and proof of the damages, just ignore the inevitable outcomes, and continue to wear heels. But why do they do this? Is it simply a case of ‘I’ll do whatever I like’, or ‘they don’t know what they are talking about’, or simply; ‘Don’t tell me what to do, its my life, and my body’! Every time a woman places high heeled shoes on her feet, she doesn’t examine the forces which prevail within her anatomical and skeletal structure: I believe that she looks in the mirror, nods at the reflection and assures herself she looks more ‘feminine’, more ‘alluring’, simply more sexy! In other words; it is simple vanity.


Mankind has evolved over millennia from primitive apes to Homo Sapiens, our bodies have evolved over ten million years, and our bodies have adjusted from the dangerous demands of living as hunter-gatherers; where it was kill or be killed, from an age when the keenest eyesight, the best hearing, was seated alongside a physical strength needed to run down and overcome a mammoth: to the present, when the greatest exertion most of us are capable of is running down the stairs to catch a Tube train, or a bus. Alongside our strength and senses, our bodies have adapted to the way we live; we do not exercise, or at least most of us don’t; large proportions of the industrialised world’s populations earn our living, or even fill our days, seated in front of a computer screen. But one of the areas which we have in common is the truth that we all want to be comfortable; so why, in the name of all that is sane, do large percentages of womankind insist on wearing shoes which will wreak havoc upon the way that they will exist for the next forty years?

From learned papers, to mainstream news, the word has gone out; high heels are bad news; but do women take any notice? Do they hell!

As a final foot(sorry)note, I also link to a very informative video which states the viewpoint of the commentator on all aspects of the damage sustained to the wearer from high-heeled shoes; but with one huge difference; this lecture is given under the auspices of an Islamic Digital Mimbar, (whatever that translates as) and the initial sentence tells us the greatest difference between what we believe as has been shown by science, e.g. Darwinian evolution, and the belief structure of the whole Islamic world,, which states that EVERYTHING is and will remain as Allah has ordained. The ruling initial sentence is:-

To change or do things from the Natural Way Allah has created us leads to problems.

Says it all, really. It explains why Muslim medical students do not attend lectures which utilise information gained from Darwinian treatises, because they believe that their god created everything at the same time, and it has remained in stasis for ever.