I’ll huff, and puff; but I dare not sue!

I note that Gerry Adams, the long term IRA leader, killer, murder planner and torture organiser who plainly gloated that ‘We haven’t gone away; y’know’ is a tad upset about the BBC.

The Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams has said he is considering legal action against the BBC for broadcasting claims that he sanctioned the killing of a former party colleague who turned out to be a British spy.

The allegations over the death of Denis Donaldson were made by an anonymous man, named only as Martin, who claimed he was also a paid state agent in the IRA, to BBC Northern Ireland’s Spotlight programme.

Donaldson, 55, a Sinn Féin official and close colleague of Adams, was shot dead at an isolated cottage near Glenties in Co Donegal in April 2006 following his exposure as a long-term British agent inside both the IRA and Sinn Féin.

“That the BBC would broadcast unsubstantiated allegations from an anonymous person, a self-confessed agent, about me, I think it very, very low journalism indeed,” Adams said.

I reckon that the BBC would be insisting, in fact begging, for a law suit, in order to actually get this scumbag onto a witness stand, where he would not have access to his tape-recording; you know the one, that’s where his voice keeps repeating. ‘NO Comment’.

Now you see me…..Now you still see me

Reading, as one does, the property pages of the weekend Times, and the Telegraph, one see the ultimate in luxury, or what is marketed as luxury, flats in London.

We are regaled with this:-


or this:-


or even this:-



by now you will be getting the idea; large picture windows, giving the proud owner the ability to look out over the glittering landscape of London.

But what happens when you buy here, at Neo-Bankside Apartments; when the Tate Switch buildings scaffolding comes down, and the flat owners and residents get this?:-


Nicholas Serota, the Tate’s director, airily says, Buy Net Curtains or Blinds‘  Just love the sign, right next to where some female berkess is scanning and picturing the neighbours, ‘as you do’!