Resign? Bollocks; he’s done nowt wrong!

I do not, as a rule, write in support of either the Police in general, or senior Policemen in particular. It is accepted, outside of the fashionable Lefty-Liberal chattering classes circles where such thinking abounds, that the Police have been transformed, over the years, into a politically-correct virtual arm of a) the political elite of this Nation, and b) a tool for ever greater social change towards the Left. We see an apparent acceptance that some criminals are left alone because it is ‘too difficult’ to entrap and prosecute them; we see many situations where even mere children are virtually terrified into submission WITHIN THEIR SCHOOLS as headteachers involve the police in an attempt to punish what are mischievous children’s misdemeanours. We see Muslim gangs bent on mischief ignored; whilst their White opposition bands are routinely arrested and charged in what seems to be an attempt to subvert the Rule of Law.

Time after time, we see the results of injudicious promotions to senior Police positions when the headlines emerge of corruption, sexual licence, favouritism and even criminal behaviour. Just because a police officer has served for a certain length of time, or because he or she has a good university degree; should not be taken as licence for automatic promotion. We have all seen the results of behaviour such as that.

But I do write in total support of the chief constable of South Yorkshire, whose very livelihood is now at risk because of the whimsical behaviour of the local Police & Crime Commissioner. The statements made by the Chief Constable are public knowledge, and thus do not need repeating in these pages; but I for one believe that it needed to be said: because in my view, the whole Hillsborough Inquest saga has been nothing but a politically-inspired witch hunt, stoked by the alleged ‘Independent Inquiry’ fanned by the legal profession working for the allegedly-heart-broken families; with the flames lit by these same allegedly-broken-hearted families.

When a stacked jury states that “The jury also concluded that Liverpool fans were not to blame for what happened,” after evidence came out that, although the police actions contributed to the deaths, the main factor was the onrush of over one thousand Liverpool so-called fans into a section of the stand which was already hopelessly overcrowded. That was why those people died, and for no other cause. The Police & Crime Commissioner should be ashamed of himself, as he furthers the cause of scapegoating a senior policeman, instead of standing by his man as he knows he should. Bloody disgrace!