and when did you last see your father?

A fellow (or rather sister ) blogger has come up with a rather interesting reason why the top QC, who has been at the Independent Inquiry (No, this one, not that one; do keep up) since the beginning; has jacked everything in.

Seems as though this particular lawyer, who seems to have been rather keen on evidence, and cross-examination, and legal stuff like ‘the truth’ has got more than a little chewed-off by the thoughts of Chairwoman Jay.

Professor Alexis Jay, from her social work background would like to see a ‘greater role for forums, focus groups and expert seminars’, that can give survivors the ‘closure’ that comes from ‘being believed’ without any nasty ‘triggering’ that could arise from a ‘forceful and abrasive’ barrister who might have the temerity to ‘put to you’ that unicorns don’t actually exist.

I will admit for having a teensy-weensy soft spot for La Jay; for it was she whose Rotherham report blew the lid off the Muslim rape saga; but, I suppose, she has learnt, or ruled, that some of the ‘survivors’ are so mentally delicate that if anyone even asked where the exit was; they’d collectively have a ‘fit of the vapours’!

So the Inquiry rolls ever onwards, with the millions rolling out towards the QC’s bank accounts, along with the lovely lolly heading towards the massed ranks of ‘the possibly; if not actually probably’ abused, who have suffered so much, for so long, and all that (the cash is of course not compensation, its just to soothe the hurt feelings engendered by cynics like me who demand, well; proof!

As to whether any of this farrago is justified: your guess is as good as mine. It is fairly likely that some of the complainants have a case, but they should have gone to court, and hammered there, instead of playing by the solicitors advice, and waiting for ‘closure’ (whatever that may mean) in an Inquiry which looks as though it will go on for decades.

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